$30 off a Fitbit Versa or $50 off a Fitbit Ionic


“One last perk for being a Pebble loyalist” …

Oh, that’s kinda nice… maybe I should take a look at their products again.

“United States residents only”

Or maybe I won’t. Ever, as apparently they don’t want my stinky European money.


Looked at their offerings… gonna stick with my pebble till it dies. Fitbit just isn’t there yet IMHO


Strange though, I received the same offer for the European market (+US). Maybe you can contact them?

I probably won’t use it as reviews aren’t that enthusiastic, but still.


Looks like they are trying to keep some cash flow going. My Time still works fine however I’ll at least take another look at the Ionic.


Hi Mattia… you received a similar offer, but valid in EU?


Oh, I’m not keen to replace my Pebble, unless there’s a good alternative. But at some point it will die. You’re right, Fitbit aren’t there, no one is, not if you want 5 day battery, always-on screen and decent apps/sdk support. Which I’m guessing many of us do - that’s certainly why I bought a Pebble.

Reduced price might have made Fitbit worth at least considering. I was irked to discover that being British excluded me from the offer…


Really surprised to read that fitbit sent a mail that allows a discount both US and EU. Reading here and there, I found that the offer is valid to us residents only. Actually I’m Italian, I registered an account at pebble and registered for news at fitbit, but in the mail is clearly stated US. I would like to move to versa, but really disappointed.


Did you receive a mail from fitbit (ita)? How did you register?


Yes, I did. It’s from team@e.fitbit.com and here’s the foot:

*Offer limited to Pebble device users via special Fitbit link. Offer expires at 11:‌59p‌m PS‌T on Ju‌ne 1, 20‌18 and includes up to one (1) Fitbit Ionic or one (1) Fitbit Versa and cannot be combined with other discounts. Only one discount code can be activated per recipient of offer. Device discount varies depending on local currency and will be $30 USD, $40 CAD, £20, €30, 199 DEK, 299 NOK or 299 SEK off Fitbit Versa or $50 USD, $70 CAD, £40, €50, 349 DEK, 449 NOK, 449 SEK off Fitbit Ionic. Only users residing in the following countries are eligible for this offer: United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Netherlands, Italy, France, Finland, Spain, Ireland, Germany, Denmark, Belgium, Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia and Turkey. Offer cannot be combined with other discounts or applied after an order has been placed. No adjustments on previous purchases. Terms of offer subject to change. Void where prohibited.


Something that I’ve done and probably you haven’t is replying to them when I got a US-only offer a few months ago. They replied, but it wasn’t really helpful (something like: any Pebble owner can get this, just register your serial number: you get 50$ off on a purchase!), but maybe they switched me to a different list for newsletters?
I’ve got a code I’m not using, but I don’t feel like it’s a good idea leaving it here for people passing by. Let me know if you want it, I’m happy to share it :slight_smile:


I missed out on this deal because I ordered a Versa right out of the gate, but I’m not complaining. I’m very happy with it. There are only two things that I miss as a longtime Pebble user:
(1) always-on display. The wrist-turn activation is usually pretty good, but it’s still not as good as being able to glance at the watch at any time in any position.
(2) (still related to the 1st) Notifications are felt but don’t activate the screen. They still require a touch or a wrist turn. Many customers are requesting this feature is changed in the forums, and Fitbit is fairly active in responding to customer feedback there, so my hope is that a future update will change this.
Otherwise, the Versa has basically been the Pebble replacement I’d been waiting for. It looks good, it’s comfortable, it works, the price is reasonable, the accompanying app analyzing heart, sleep, and fitness data is nice, and customer service has been great. (Though if they somehow resurrected the Pebble Time 2 that we never got, I would probably switch!).


Try looking at the Amazfit Bip. Seems like the best replacement.


Tried to reply yesterday… Who knows, maybe they will answer.


Did you get the email recently ? I haven’t received any offer… I subscribed to pebble.com but I don’t think I subscribed to fitbit :frowning: I think I would have used the versa offer. I’m a EU resident.


Just last Thursday. I’m not aware that I consciously subscribed to anything, I assumed it was just because I had a Pebble account (the one you set up when you set up your Pebble).

@Luca1 I’ve replied too… nothing in return yet…

Ironically, I don’t even want the bloody thing! Even with 20 quid off, it’s still more than the full price in the US. I was just offended at the US-centric offer. :slight_smile: Especially odd as it seems there is a US+EU+Canada version of the email, although that must still piss-off our Australian brethren, amongst others.


Thanks. So I guess if I haven’t received anything it’s too late now…


That email pissed me off!
On the day the GDPR is active, they send a marketing campaign I never gave permission!

I immediately contacted them to remove all my data in their possession, explaining also why I don’t want have anything to do with them.

They replied today.


Keeping my Pebble Time Steel. I’m 50 years old and this is my favorite watch ever. Up until I purchased this watch I thought that Pebble watches were for dorks.


Do you still have the code by chance? I tried contacting Fitbit today but I was a bit late. Thanks!


Hello Mike.
Yes, I actually still have it, but the mail says it’s expired on June 1st.
The code is Nr50cDJ2dgPq. Maybe you want to try anyhow :slight_smile: