$30 off a Fitbit Versa or $50 off a Fitbit Ionic


Make sure your phone is compatible or it’s likeky you’ll have synching problems and all the features won’t work. Fitbit has a list of compatible phones on their website.


Last week, i’ve been in shop who sells versa and i’ve give it a eye on it (and I try to be honest as possible and not pebble maniac) :

  • It’s incredibly light
  • It’s well build
  • The product don’t really look premium (less than a PS or PTS)
  • button are small, a little toyish
  • the screen is vibrant but the placement in the case seems not centered to my brain, or not balanced as PT or PTS

It’s a no go for me, lack of something kind of magic :stuck_out_tongue: So I’m looking for a new to PTS to replace my old one :stuck_out_tongue: