Adding new Language Fonts



Hello Pebblers, I just bought pebble time black 3 days back. I’m a Pebble fan from India and want to add 2 numbers of Indian language fonts. I don’t know developing know-how but still with some help I’d like to explore more. I already logged-in on CloudPebble. My current firmware is v4.3. Please guide me so that India can enjoy the wonderful legacy of pebble.


Try this:


yeah but it doesn’t have the languages like Hindi, Gujarati.


Then try this: here you have source code, maybe you can change the font to what you need


but i don no how to make source code to support my language!!!
plz help with video learn for me!!!


I have found one good option for that, Use Notification centre app, and convert all language characters to English, then you’ll be able to read it in English through that app. I have done it and it works almost 99% for both Hindi and Gujarati language. The best thing is, Anyone can do this and it also take only 30-40 min to add up all the characters.