Alarm not going off HELP!


The Alarm on my pebble steel 2 does not go off many mornings!!! I have noticed that when my son wakes me up after my alarm did not go off that I have a notification waiting. My alarm is set for 8am weekdays. But I have my “do not disturb” set from 11pm to 9am so I can sleep in at least one hour on the weekend. So could some combination of my “do not disturb” setting and my notification be interfering with my alarm? (I have set the timeout on the notification to 1 min from 10 mins).




I’ve got a Pebble Time Steel (is that what you meant by Steel 2?) and while my morning alarm has always worked, I’ve noticed that if I set a one-off alarm, occasionally the phone crashes and reboots itself right when the alarm is due to go off. This is on the v4.3 firmware.

I guess that doesn’t help you much, but you could perhaps check the watch uptime (Settings -> System -> Uptime) to see if your Pebble rebooted at the time of the alarm, in case you have a similar issue?


Thanks for your reply. My alarm did not go off again this morning. I do not think that the watch crashed. The watch shows that it is set for the next morning, but failed to go off this morning. Question: does the watch need to be corrected to my phone for the alarm to work? I charge my phone in my office next to my bedroom and I often lose the connection between watch and phone during the night.

I am at a loss to understand why the watch would reset for the next morning without going off this morning.


I had the same problem several times a few months ago - alarm didn’t go off in the morning while a notification was waiting during quiet time. I then changed my quite time settings for weekdays (so that the quiet time ends a few minutes before the alarm time), and since then the problem didn’t occur again.


Thanks that seems to Work!!!