All watch faces are gone, other than default ones


First time I uninstalled the app. Lost all statistic and history data in app. Everything was lost, but the watchfaces were on the phone again.

Now I just do factory reset on watch, it helps, and I do not lose any data.

I also noticed that if you delete watchface from app and download it again it works. It just isn’t practical if you have many watchfaces and you using them frequently.


Hi there I have experienced the same problems and this what I have done to rectify it. I am using the latest iOS on an iPhone 6s and the Pebble Time colour with the most up to date firmware.

I find the apps/watchfaces disappear after I turn off or reset the iPhone. I have to reboot the App a couple of times; go to my watch faces/apps on the App, delete them and then re install them to watch.

It weirdly it remembers any changes in colour scheme on a watch face or other settings in apps are saved. which is good.

It’s annoying and it never used to be a problem, however so far its the only way I can get it to work unless they update it again. Hope this helps a little.


Havin the same issue here ,anytime the Bluetooth disconnects from the phone the watch only has kickstarter and tic toc and wont allow for installation of any other watchfaces


People have been experiencing problems viewing watchfaces when going onto the Pebble app to change the watch face. Here is the solution to that problem. In order to expedite the procedure please use either a Wi-Fi (WLAN) connection or a 4G internet connection:

First, tap your Pebble app icon. Tap the three vertical dots on the upper right corner of the screen, and chose “Settings.” Scroll down and make a note of what email account you used for your Pebble account.

Secondly, go into your Bluetooth settings of your smartphone and unpair all of the connections between your phone and the Pebble smartwatch.

Thirdly, go into your Pebble watch settings on the watch and choose [Settings/Bluetooth/(your smartphone)/Forget.] Press the “back” button.

Fourthly, scroll down to the “System” line and select; scroll down to “Factory Reset” and select, and wait.

Fifthly, uninstall the Pebble app from your smartphone, and wait.

Sixthly, when the display on your watch, displays the website from which to download the app, go to the Google Play Store and download the Pebble app.

Seventhly, when you sign into your Pebble account, check that you forgot your password (even if you remember it.) Pebble will send a link to your email (check your spam folder in your email account if you don’t see the link within two minutes.) Change your password.

And finally, open the Pebble app on your smartphone and sign in using your new password. You should now see all of your watchfaces present when you visit the app, and then the watch faces that you have already purchased should download and appear.

The future watchfaces that you will purchase will also appear.



Hello All,

I did factory reset now it is showing only Pebble 528A.

Nothing is working. Please help.


After factory reset, you need to pair your watch with your phone again. If it always shows connection failure, I suggest you to delete the pebble bt device in your bt device list in Phone setting. After doing so, try to reconnect pebble and phone again. Good luck!


Thanks, Done. Watch is live now. But still not able to add new watch face.:slight_smile: