Alternative Pebble Time/Steel 22mm Watch Band


Hi all
New to the Pebble Watch sean and after receiving my steel witch only came with the Pebble light brown leather band witch was nice but not quite my thing ( Im not using the Pebble light brown leather band so if someone would like it for cheep just message me ) i was looking for a new and different looking/style band to mach me.
I do have other waters with 22mm stainless steel band and i did swap out a few to get the look i was after but non just did the trick for me so i went looking. and after some time came across the lunatik tik lynk made for the Apple iPod Nano and liked the look of the bad and with a few little mods if fitter and worked a treat.
Ill put up like to some
lunatik tik lynk’s and some pics as well of my take on the watch and band, Tell me what you think.


Well it sure is something else


I like it. Where did you get it?