Always on - backlight?


on my pebble time … i dont like the whole flicking the watch to turn on the light to see the time. is there a way or an app to keep the light always on?


AFAIK there is none, it is either activated by motion or button.


Sounds like it’s possible for a Watchface to be coded to do it, it’s going to kill your battery though


I wrote a Pebble App a while back called “Backlight”. It allows you to have the backlight automatically turn on when you raise your arm and tilt a little toward you, then turn off again automatically after a certain time.

Incidentally, I later made a change to have it turn off immediately when tilted away from the viewing angle. I need to update the app in the Pebble store (especially before it goes away!).


If you really want the backlight on all the time, you can try my app. It does exactly what you asked for. Here’s a link: Always On