[Android] Notification Center for Pebble - Ultimate notification replacement



trying this out… So far (not much use, yet) this seems really amazing!! One thing bothering me, the actual body of the text is wayy to small for me, is there any way to make it bigger/bolder? Also oddly if I get multiple notifications at once, when I go to the next one (either by scrolling to it or double pressing) it chops off the title and sub-title and the fading thing at the top covers the first line of text so I can’t read it, and I can’t scroll back up to read any of it or the titles, it just jumps to the previous notif.

EDIT: added question about larger text
EDIT: added bug about notifications


Really cool idea! It’s annoying having to manually dismiss notifications on my phone when I’ve already seen them on my watch.

Just two small problems for me:
  • System apps aren’t showing up in the app list, so if I’m using the including mode I can’t enable it for the Messaging app.
  • After I dismiss a notification it goes to the menu rather than back to my watchface.
If these can be fixed I’ll use this all the time.


Good idea ;

When a
notification arrives is that it destroys the current running application or not ? example stopwatch or timer ?

continues to run or is it stopped ?


This sounds great. Any chance we can get support for other languages? Pebble Notifier International uses unicode to achieve this, but it’s super slow and a little buggy. Also doesn’t have the nifty features you built in.


This is great. I’ve been looking for a way to do this since I got my pebble. Excited to see this improve over time.

Edit: Seems like for certain apps the body of the notification is not shown. For example, I use Boomerang as my mail app and when a notification comes in all I get on the Pebble is “Boomerang”.

  • You can make text larger and show system apps in settings
  • Yes, when switching between notifications it will scroll down a bit. But you should be able to scroll back up
  • Does Boomerang show text in Android notification? Can you make screenshot of it?
  • Yes, switching apps will destroy current application, this is how Pebble works I can't do anything about it. It will probably improve with next firmware updates and state saving.
  • App closing down to menu is Pebble problem, I can't do anything about it.
  • Sorry, Pebble Notifier International renders text on phone and sends it to Pebble as image. This works for smaller text, but would be super slow for longer text that Notification Center supports.


Hi, thanks for the app, great work!

Just a few suggestions:

Vibrate only when receiving a new notification. At the moment it vibrates every time you browse your active/historic notifications, which can get annoying and wastes battery.

Please allow us to skip to the next/previous notification while viewing them in history.

Is it possible to go straight back to the watchface after dismissing a notification, rather than the main menu?

Could you hide the subtitle when it matches the title, to save some screen space?

An option to disable notifications while the phone screen is on, and quiet hours.

Thanks again!


that would good --> go straight back to the watchface after notification,

thanks for developing this!


Very nice app although this functionality really ought to be part of the firmware. I would second the request for turning off vibrate for reviewing old notifications.


Great app! Thanks!!

I’m not using it to send notifications (don’t like having to double-press to dismiss and return to watch face, not your fault) but I really like the ability to view and dismiss all active notifications and notification history.

One more vote for removing the vibration when viewing active notifications and history. It is a bit annoying.


Hmm… OK, here’s a problem.

I’ve checked a few programs in the app picker because I want Notification Center to keep track of them in History.
But I’ve turned off “send ongoing notifications” and “enable custom notifications” and it’s still sending notifications to the watch.

Is it possible to turn off sending notifications to the watch so as to just use this for viewing active and historic notifications via your watchapp?

  • Disabling vibrating is planned
  • What do you mean by skipping history? You can scroll down how long you want
  • Sorry, returning to menu is "bug" in Pebble firmware. I can't do anything about it
  • Interesting, never saw that (title matching subtitle), but added to my list
  • Disabling on screen on also planned
  • And disabling notifications altogether is also planned (only history and current notifications).


Updated with new version that should solve some issues

- Disabled vibration when looking through notification history
- Added option to completely disable notification popups or just disable them when screen is on
- If title is same as subtitle, it will remove it to gain some space
- Fixed scrolling down when switching notifications


Thank you so much for the quick update! It’s working great!

After opening an old notification in history, I cannot skip between notifications by double pressing up/down. I have to press back first to go to the list of notifications, then select the next one I want to view.

It also looks like disabling popups prevents you from being able to view old notifications.


After the update, in the watchapp I can’t go from list view to notification details. It’s not responding when I press the select key.


Try rebooting both Pebble and phone.

shiznit said:
It also looks like disabling popups prevents you from being able to view old notifications.

Same here :slight_smile: I cant open a notification from history if popups are disabled in the app.

I’m also using you’re fine app to view past notifications and sometimes dismiss one :wink: Not for sending live-notifications, because of the hickups with first-to-menu-then-to-watchface and the reloading watchface after dismissing a notification (I’m using canvas with an relatively complex watchface, which load a while…).

Anyway: Keep on the good work and let us buy your app for a dollar or two :wink:


Okay that was a bit of fail. Releasing new version with that fixed right now :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot for this awesome app mate. Well done.

BTW is it possible for you to have a Tasker implementation? As, at the moment I am using Pebble Notifier plugin through Tasker to send some custom notifications, it would be awesome to have send those notifications through Notification Center instead.