[Android] [ROOT] Keep for Pebble - Display Google Keep notes on your Pebble!



           As you have probably noticed, I kinda lost interest in 

that project lately. That is why I’m releasing full source here under
public domain (no strings attached, do whatever you want with it):


thing I would request is that if you release any update publicly, send
me link. This is not mandatory, I’m just curious what will happen with


Exactly what I needed, thank you my good man!!! Any chance of maybe picture support?


Or title of the note?


What would happen if I tried this on an unrooted phone?


Wow this is embarrassing. I never noticed there is a title option in Keep. Will implement that soon :wink:

On unrooted phone, it would be just stuck on Loading I think.


impressive :slight_smile:

I used
Watchnote to send my keep notes to the Pebble and now it just happens automatically with this application.

One of the best of ! :slight_smile:

add the title to find a note

Again well annoyed with 8 slots, each time we need to find which application removed :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

Can you use Bold font for notes ? it is a little difficult to read when is thin police.


work perfect, very useful!

Thanks so much guy :slight_smile:


Great App! Thank you very much :slight_smile:


In my GT-N7100,Loading all the time


On rooted Razr HD Maxx and getting infinite load screen


Suggested improvement: Declare android.permission.ACCESS_SUPERUSER in manifest.



  • Declared Superuser permission
  • Added title support
  • Fixed item sorting
  • Menu now displays 5 items at once (less empty space).

If you get infinite loading screen:

  1. Are you rooted?
  2. Did you allow root to Keep for Pebble? (easiest way to do this is to open Android app)
  3. Do you have Keep android app installed?


Very good with Title :wink:


I also get infinite loading screen, and it fully locks my phone: reboot required.

I’m rooted and granted root access to the keep app.


Razr HD Maxx here again. Still getting infinite load screen.

1. Yes, I’m rooted/
2. Yes I allowed superuser root for Keep for Pebble.
3. Yes I have Keep installed.

I get constant notifications that Keep for Pebble force closes when I try to load on Pebble. Tried reboot with cache wipe and permission fix. Same problem.


Could you install app named Catlog? Then open my app and right after it force closes open CatLog and find error (a lot of red letters). Make a screenshot and post it there.


This work?


Can you do it in Landscape? That way less text will be cut off.


This should work for you… http://i.imgur.com/kp5nXKW.png. Linking to it instead cause it’s quite tall.

Edit: Also another bit of information, it always force closes twice after trying to load Keep on the watch.


Would it be possible to still create a version that doesn’t require root (and introduces some extra fuss on the phone as a consequence)?