[Android] [ROOT] Keep for Pebble - Display Google Keep notes on your Pebble!


I’m getting an Android App crash whenever I select the Pebble App on my Pebble.

  • Rooted
  • Opened the Keep for Pebble app already
  • Keep is installed
Logcat, filtered so it’s not tons of extra stuff: http://goo.gl/Augtp


Updated Android app. It should resolve infinite loading issue.

No sorry, without root is not possible because there is no Keeep API (yet?).


this version resolved my phone hanging and the infinite loading issue. Now it’s working perfect! Thanks!!


Worked perfectly matejdro! Thanks for your hard work :slight_smile:


The app is great and easy to use on the watch, but I get some bugs.

Some letters are not shown on the watch, the note is cut before it ends. I do not mean polish notes because thats obviously the problem with pebble. In the note below the letter “mi” in the 5 row in “migdały” are not shown and the whole note ends at “soczewi”.
Just paste the note below to check what I mean:
gluten (pszenica, żyto), ryż, soja
orzechy ziemne, migdały
rośliny strączkowe (groch, fasola, soczewica)


This app is great. I often use Google Keep as a shopping list, and it would be amazing if items could be checked/ticked on the watch so that the unchecked items are still visible. This would be so much more useful than turning my phone on, unlocking and then checking the item before locking again.

Great work!


Wow that’s amazing! Thanks!


BRILLIANT. Thank you for this fantastic little app!!


any chance of an update for 2.0?


See several posts above yours.

matejdro said:
See several posts above yours.

You talk about SDK 2.0 several post above ? yet on September 25 ?


Ah sorry, mixed up threads. Read my signature then :wink:


thanks for the hard work!

being able to check items on checklists would be awesome too!

kudos !!


How about a update ? Use this app very often, thanks for it.


Yep, would be nice to have this app updated to SDK 2.


Any updates? The concept sounds really good, especially the possibility of stored data?


Sorry, I will try to update it in the following days.


First post now contains link to 2.0 version :slight_smile:


2.0 Watchapp link isn’t functional, says error…


Sorry, forum screwed up link. It should be OK now.