[Android] [ROOT] Keep for Pebble - Display Google Keep notes on your Pebble!


Thank you very much! :slight_smile:

Krishna K Panduru said:
suggest some, improvements

It would be great to have working checklists, like in PebbleNotes, that uses Google Tasks...


Please, fix problems with Cyrillic letters



I know this is a bit old but still seems to be the only solution to getting Keep notes on Pebble.

Unfortunately, I can’t install the Pebble app, it says “Could not load info for app. Cannot Install”.

Anyone know how to get this to work with the latest Pebble App?



since upgraded to Marshmallow, it don’t work. I think it isn’t the new firmware Pebble, but new permissions Marshmallow …


Hello Guys,

I’ve been using this app a lot but since I had to reset my phone it’s not installed anymore and the dropbox link ist down.
Could anyone upload the 2.0 app again?
Thanks in advance


Here you go: https://www.dropbox.com/s/pn4igec177axm7i/keep.pbw?dl=0


Hey thanks for the fast reply.
I also need a companion app right? I totally forgot about that one.
Could you upload that aswell :)?



Thank you very much. You are awesome.


Hello! Seems it’s not working nowadays. Watch app just showing Loading… Android app requested and granted root access when i open pebblekeep on watch.


Can you update Dropbox link, please?