Annoyng buzz and a draw on display with fuzzy timing


Ciao, I’m owner of first pebble.
The case is coded 3ON011495F07 .
My is updated with last firmware on last app release (on android).
The heck is that my pebble (when I turn off bluetooth connection on it ) continuosly vibrate and show a draw with a mouse that runnig silent, for a while.
I cant find any set that is able to stop this annoyng pop up .
How I can solve it ?


Check your “Quiet Time” settings (middle button -> Settings -> Quiet Time). Maybe it is set to be “calendar aware” so it is turning on with events on your calendar, or maybe there is another schedule set for it. By default, it will toggle on/off if you long-press the back button (so maybe you have an over-sensitive button).


Many tnx !
I’ve not found some set that can disable this ad but anyway I set an interval of time where the notification are stopped.
for me it’s the same, the watch don’t annoyng me anymore.
Many tnx more .


Can we run a mobile tracker on this system?


Well, at least when this forum is taken down at the end of the month, there won’t be any more lowlife spammers abusing it.