Another "ALWAYS ON DISPLAY" smartwatch?


I believe all Pebble series user are enjoyed that our watch always display information, not just a black screen. My Pebble2 (KS3 edition) is still works fine, but what about future… what if my Pebble2 broken after all ?

I’m just wondering if there is another smartwatch that used mono/color e-ink display, and has much watchface like Pebble series ?

Which smartwatch you gonna to buy while your Pebble finally gone ?


I will until that time - there may be many more available by then.


Amazfit Pace. Got this one, it’s fine but not as smooth and reliable as my PT yet … Might improve with further development.


VivoactiveHR is great.


Keep buying up the Pebbles that are on line as nothing really comes close, I spent months and months researching before I backed the Time Steel 2.
I was so looking forward to my Pebble Time Steel I still think the prototypes were some of the best looking smart watches out there.
But I bought a Pebble 2HR from Amazon and it is brilliant , I cannot believe Fit Bit spent $20/25million on this brilliant market leading product and put it in the Bin.
The watch interface is so cool and the animations make me smile every time, it manages my music when I am out training, the stop watches and HR monitor are awesome , and all my notifications ping through immediately. The screen is really easy to read any time of day and lights up as soon as I look at it in the evening. All this with a battery that last 5 to 6 days with some pretty heavy usage.
I just bought a Time round for my wife and she absolutely loves it, I couldn’t get her near a fit Bit or other trackers as they are all so ugly or ridiculously expensive.
Dear Fit Bit Please please please resurrect the Pebble


If FitBit can make the PebbleTime2 comes to market, I’m gonna buy it…

As my opinion, those gadgets which shows black screen all the time, it CAN’T called a watch at all.


Fit Bit have a huge social network presence , go onto their Face Book page and let them know how you feel if enough of us do they might change there minds re the future of the Pebble brand and products.

Lets make some noise fellow Pebble’s.


Sunnto or Garming. But it is expensive and heavy.


And both of them are the size of a hand grenade :laughing:


I know of two always-on display watches: Sony SmartWatch2 and Garmin Vivoactive. The former being my all-time favourite smart watch.


Garmin Vivoactive 3 is a great watch with AOD option I bought a few days ago. It is still big watch but not such as other higher versions (Forerunner, Fenix) and costing less. Btw I heard that some of peoples having the issues with it (sync issues, freeze) but my version working great so far