Any watchfaces like "Remind Me"?


I’m looking for a watchface like “Remind Me,” which allows you to have several lines of customizable text above the time. I used to use it to add flight numbers, flight times, and seat assignments for a quick reference at the airport. But seemingly the developer has removed the website that the watchface needed to have that happen. Thanks.


Have a look at the “Banner” app for your Pebble. It allows to enter texts on the watch itself or on your phone, no server needed.


Excellent! Thanks, I’ll check it out!


Well, nuts. Apparently it doesn’t work with either a Pebble Time Steel or a Pebble 2, the watches I have. But thanks for the suggestion anyway.


It does work on the pebble steel and the round pebble

Ruud van der Pluijm


Try my watchface, myinfo


This is PERFECT, Mark. THANK YOU!!