Anyone working on a Ps4 app for pebble?


I’m not q developer but i would lovw to have an app to check mi Playstation status, friends, download status etc.


That would most likely be Sony to make that app… Because it would have to have all of your account info, which you shouldn’t trust with anyone else. And Sony won’t do that because they already have smart watches that they would rather promote and develop for. Maybe someone could make an app that relays the info from the PlayStation app on your phone… I don’t know if that would work because I don’t have a ps4 or the ps app


It should be possible using something like this but AFAIK no-one is working on this yet.


@LeFauve Hi, I saw your reply to one of the topics regarding PFO fonts. I am trying to make “Hindi” fonts and would really appreciate if you help how to go about it.