App idea: Throw Me type app for extreme sports people


Hey guys,
Thanks for the ad into the forums.
I recently purchased a Pebble Classic brand new and was pleasantly surprised by the features, quick boot time, and other great apps! The watchfaces are shmick and some of the games are ace! My favourite so far is Asteroids from the classic retro game of its time. Nice one!
Anyway - I was wondering if I could plead with a developer here to write an app. It’s already been done and I have emailed the developer of the “I Can Fly” (ICF) app. There is also another one that is similar.

The ICF app is great for extreme sports people like myself, being a kite surfer (any others out there?). Being a waterproof watch I can kite surf, do some massive jumps and know exactly how high the jump was. So yeah there is a purpose to an app that can measure a “throw”.

Could I ask any developer here to write an ICF app that could also record jumps over time (like the WeightTracker app, with a graph, and maybe (not sure if possible on this watch) to be able to upload the stats (CSV, XML, ??)?

The reason I also want this is to not have to buy a WOO device ( The WOO is specifically for kite surfers that want to see their jump stats, GPS, and other sports data on their phones and share them via the WOO Community. Unfortunately it’s also not accurate!

There is the Xensr device as a competitor that also does the same thing, but it too has similar Barometric and Accelerometer technology that is not always accurate.

I believe the Pebble Watch is far more accurate but unfortunately it’s very limited in its features as per the above products.

What do you think? Waste of time?

I think a third and more accurate product could blow the above two out of the water (pun intended)!

Cheers from Townsville, Australia


Fun project – you might have gotten a few devs to give it a burl if you’d asked a few months ago, but that’s tough to picture now that Pebble is defunct. Maybe future Fitbit products will support this kind of app, if they use some of the technology they bought from Pebble.

(It also seems like a natural fit for Garmin’s fitness watches, but it looks like they don’t give developers access to raw accelerometer data.)


The problem with trying to do this via a Pebble is that while there is an accelerometer in the watch it just gives you an indication of the force and direction applied to the watch, not a particular velocity. For any sort of accuracy you’d need a continuous GPS position.


Ahh that makes sense. Oh well back to Woo then. Thanks for the replies.