Are Smartstraps Happening?



I’ve searched Kickstarter for Smartstraps but the only ones that come back to my searche inquiries have missed their funding goals. Is there still hope for Smartstrap development?


I believe so. Seems like there is a new GPS strap for PT and PTS. Funding pending of course.


The TYLT VÜ Pulse passed its goal this evening.


I received my Rephone smart strap yesterday. It works and ‘does what it says on the tin’.
As the first on the scene it is commendable but the designers have had to compromise in order to make it a kit.

The experience with this strap is valuable:

  • there are 4 modules and these effectively fill the length of the stap. Each module is 8mm deep which has the (obvious) effect of making the strap very bulky and not really useful for every day use.
  • the back plate and strap attach separately to the watch necessitating that the smart strap is assembled on the watch.
For me, this means that I am convinced that each smart strap should be single role, to reduce bulk, and simply replaceable as a single entity, to improve durability.

That is, the strap and backplate should be a single interchangeable unit which replaces the standard strap.

Overall then, a fantastic first strap for hacking but not the final consumer product. I’m now looking forward to the Aria.


Do you have a photo of your strap? @“Ian Mackereth”


If the TYLT VÜ just passed it’s funding goal, how is it Walmart & Amazon are selling them already? @“Erik Swedlund” …Oh, same name different product? How do you find this TYLT VÜ on Kickstarter? It didn’t return when I searched in Kickstarter


Here’s a link showing a hairy arm.

Xadow have done a fantastic job on the backplate. It only adds 2mm, but the rest of the strap is nearly as thick as the original watch.
This is a pity because the max. thickness of the bare modules are only 3mm or so.


sorry the link didn’t work


@"PTR " The Kickstarter page:

I think what’s for sale currently that you’re seeing is a Qi wireless charger, not the smartstrap.

Erik Swedlund said:
I think what's for sale currently that you're seeing is a Qi wireless charger, not the smartstrap.
Thanks for the link. Not quite sure why I'm not having luck with my Kickstarter searches. Yes it was a wireless charger with the same name, I saw that afterward.


@“Ian Mackereth” Thanks for the picture! I have high hopes for Smartstraps I think they could add a lot of flexibility & customization possibilities!


Here’s the Aria that I think Ian was mentioning:

It’s on Kickstarter and hit its funding goal. The Kickstarter search engine doesn’t seem to work well, try Google instead.


Thank you @Tom ! I have been so frustrated at being unable to find these things within Kickstarter