Are you buying another Pebble? can't decide


My 2 year old Pebble Time Steel is working no longer. I took a short swim in a pool yesterday and when i got out, it no longer works. The screen back-light turns on, but nothing else shows up.

I love my pebble, I love the one week battery life, and look and feel of the watch and the e-ink is perfectly fine for what I need. So I am thinking of upgrading to the Pebble 2.

Which brings me to my question… Are you purchasing a replacement pebble with the uncertain future of the product and software/firmware development? In Canada the watches are still pretty expensive so I am having difficultly convincing myself its a sound investment. Especially when for $300 I can get another decent watch.



As an Android user, I’m happy to keep buying Pebbles because I know that they will function under GadgetBridge even if the “official” Pebble app stops working. GadgetBridge is a bit raw, and doesn’t provide every feature, but it handles all the basics fine.


Android user too, I’ve bought a time steel 3 weeks ago and I consider to buy one with color screen soon or later. I know this is no longer supported but I’ve tried gadget bridge too, not perfect but works fine for all basic use I tried. The official app just been upgraded and works fine too.

If its expensive in Canada, maybe you can purchase one in another country, you can find a pebble time at 65 € at this time and a round at 100 or less.

For me, the community seems very strong and I’m sure that what make the pebble attractive in 2017 and beyond :slight_smile:


Another Android user here :slight_smile:
After 3 years with a Pebble Steel, I’ve tried several other watches… and it ended in buying of two (!) Pebble 2 HR: one black, one white. Fortunately, they aren’t expensive here in Germany: less that 180 EUR (less than 200 USD) for both.
Nothing compares to Pebble: this is still the best smart watch! And the official Pebble App works just fine. Even with the next Android (“O”), as I know, and also without the “official” Pebble server and login (offline).


The blaze doesn’t have the battery life or the funtionality, Misfit has one that looks interesting but I don’t know anyone that has one, and doesn’t have the funtionality of the pebble. I’ll probably get the next Gear that comes out just for kicks, but not sure it will replace my pebble.


Same here… 2 weeks ago, while swimming the screen was getting corrupt. The vibration worked, like it responded to commands. The evening it was dead.

I bought a Pebble 2 for 87 € (the only downside is that’s black & white, but another Steel would cost too much for a dead platform).

I’ve got sad, thinking of the Pebble Time 2 that never became.
And none that’s getting close (and that’s not being bought by fitbit, like Vector).


I’ve tried Pebble Time, Time Steel and Time Round as well, but I have noticed that I clearly prefer the black and white screen of Pebble 2. The colorful ones aren’t not for me. They have too low contrast and you can hardly see anything when the lighting is not right. This is quite different with the black and white screen: contrasting, always clearly recognizable.

By the way, a new Pebble Time only costs 62-63 EUR on, and Pebble Time Steel (gold) 80 EUR. That’s even less than the Pebble 2 HR.


Yep.Of course!


Is there a difference of contrast beetwen PT and PTR and if, who is best ?


PTR has better legibility than PT (LCD is closer to the glass).


You will be happy to know, I found a site in Canada still the Pebble 2 SE for $100ca. Which is perfect for me as I would never us the HR anyway. I went ahead and purchased it…

thank you for the discussion.


I did go for it a few months ago. After I dropped my Pebble Time, the the Glass above the screen fell out. I put it back in (now a hair of my dog is stuck under it :smiley:).
After that happened I was worried about the Water Resistance of my pebble and so bought a Time Steel on amazon (Germany) which did cost me only 120€ or so. I also bought a Time Round for my mom (borrowed to use until both my other pebbles break). Just keeping some stock because I highly doubt that any pebble is still manufactured. So until there is another Smartwatch on marked which I feel is as good or better than any pebble I will continue. Maybe I even get one or two more to have a huge stock for decades to come.

And don’t worry about that the platform is “dead” pebble isn’t even close to be dead there are groups like rebble (Rebble discord dev server)which working on a new firmware for the pebble family. And even if the Update on there website is fairly old I just read an interview with one of there devs where they state that the plan to release the first rebble firmware by the end of the year. Pebble is still worth it.


My Time Steel died a month ago, it was my 2nd Pebble watch. In the meantime, I discover the Tickwatch, another Kickstarter project and they’re not at their first version! It run on AndroidWear 2 too.

Take a look if interested:

So, since it will be shipped in the end on 2017, I bought a Time Round and I’m extremely happy. It is very light. The only cons is the battery life! It makes around 30 hrs. Also, Bluetooth disconnection problem is still there!


Great watch! I’m thinking of buying another myself. It’s like the perfect watch. I have the Pebble Time Steel.


Yes. I am getting a red Pebble Time for my birthday. I considered the 14" strap Pebble Time Round. I still may, but it’s said to be quite frsgile.

I have the latest update and you can pretty much get any app you want, if you know how. (When you sideload an app, close all apps, and restart your phone. That’s it.)

I am trying to collect all the innovative health apps and I am really loving my Pebble even more than ever! I think red with rose gold buckle and high quality rose gold wrap wIll look great. This will protect the battery life of both of them.



Hi pebblers, I am planning to buy a smart watch with simple fitness tracking and good battery life. That is when I came across pebble and I read a lot about its simple UI, battery life and great tracking features. But after the fitbit buyout I heard a lot of negative feedback on pebble.i am looking forward to buy a pebble, so what’s your take on buying it now. Is it a good buy and what all will I be missing in after the end of 2017? Also which pebble is the best right now in terms of value for money?


How do you sideload? I’m getting my first Pebble tomorrow


Sigh… I so was waiting for a Pebble Time 2(kickstarter person). My Pebble Time steel is going strong but, I wanted a little larger display with out the overhead of a fancy display where I only see a day or 2 of battery life.

Going to a Android wear device will be very hard with 1-2 day battery life… I just cant deal with it…

I really wanted the Pebble Time 2, I was counting down the days till FITBIT killed my dreams. The PERFECT smartwatch, gone. I wish there was some prototypes that are in working shape, I would even pay more for it.

Just hope fitbit releases the “Pebble Time 2” with the label fitbit on it… I could live with it.

As of now, yea, I know Pebble was in trouble but, Fitbit is the devil…


As indicated above I did have the pebble time Steel. When I got the pebble 2 SE I was a little concerned I was downgrading my experience. But I’ll tell you the pebble 2 is a great device the display is really amazing. I really don’t miss anything. And it’s actually a lot lighter which I didn’t think would bother me being a big guy, but a lighter watch is much nicer.


Just replaced my Time with a Time Steel when I read Fitbit will be charging Apple Watch prices.