Automatic garage door opener not working properly


My automatic garage door opener worked properly for 4 months but from few days back i am facing issues in it’s functionality.Even it is not operating properly with my mobile application too. Please suggest me some DIY methods for it’s repair.


Well! For that you need to follow this check list and follow these parts
1- check the power button is working or not
2- calculate its power how much power does that opener is receiving you can do this via ohm meter
3- If you have a warranty i would prefer you to call the expert and it will help you and don’t charge you.
4- The main problem is that i am thinking is with its IC (which is a controllable unit) and it will help him to understand what to do. Some time thegarage door openers will behave so you need to call experts of you can also take it to the mechanic store he can repair it for you.
Or you can also try cleaning that IC hope it will helps its functationality.


Chamberlain announced yesterday that they were having problems with their servers, and just announced this evening that the problems were fixed. No personal data was breeched, according to their news story.

Hope that helps.