Autopebble Tasker Open source



joaomgcd has agreed to open source the pebble side of his software so that there might be a chance of further development. I personally have tried to compile the app with no luck. Maybe someone here has more knowledge.


This looks great, good on him for doing this!

Hopefully someone can jump on board with the right knowledge & help.

Looks very positive!


After joaomgcd placed the code on github. I was not able to compile a working version however after some very basic pbw file hacking. I was able to make a version that works with the PTR. I had to open the file with 7zip and make new directories aplite and chalk. chalk might have been all that was needed and placed the contents of basalt in each directory. I also replaced the appinfo.json file with one made after trying to compile the autpoebble code from github.


Hi all!

Was anybody ever able to compile this app?

I am looking for any kind of information about how to proceed.
I’d love to fix the graphical glitch (the black bar) on Pebble Time and I think it must not be really difficult but I cannot even start.

What should I do?

Download the Pebble SDK?


I got to the point where I could compile it using Cloud Pebble (thats what joaomgcd used), but upon installation would never connect to Tasker.

See this thread

Have stopped trying to get it working as with the mytimeline Tasker plugin, Tasker, & PebbleTasker I can replicate most of the things I had working in AutoPebble using the Pebble Timeline