Back button misbehaing on low battery


Hi everyone, I’ve got a really weird one here.
On my Pebble Time (Edit: Steel), the back/dismiss button starts working strangely, but it only seems to happen when the battery hits, or dips below 50%.
You know the way you can hold the back button on a notification, and it activates Quiet time? Well, it does that every time I try to dismiss a notification just by tapping it briefly.
Then, within settings (when I’m trying to deactivate the Quiet Time it’s just activated!), it’ll work very intermittently, making it really hard to get back out of any menus I’m in.
Originally I thought it was a hardware issue, and the back button was simply breaking, but a full recharge completely fixed the issue until the battery hit 50%. The issue recurred, so I charged it back up and once again the back button functionality is restored!

Any ideas much appreciated!