Backup Pebble Watch


Need advise to Backup Pebble Time , before central server shut down. At least all users can use as it is specially when you change your mobile phone, you can always get all the application, watchface, etc back to where it was.


What do you mean by “backup”.? The phone that the pebble is on? Just to be clear I assume it is the phone system IOS or Android.


Because soon, Jun 2018 application server for Pebble will be shut down. Therefore from that point forward, no downloading apps will be available on internet. If you change to a new phone, after that time, backup is making it possible for Pebble users to help themselves, restoring his/her setting back to the watch.
my phone is android 7.1.1



my phone is rooted and I use Titanium to Backup the whole Application with settings.

Another way would be to download your favorite Pebble watchfaces and apps via browser and use them in connection with gadgetbridge. Here is the link of the pebble store:


The complete app store has been backed up and available for anyone to download the apps then you can side load them after the server shut down.