Bus information on pebble


Hi is any app to have real time bus arrivals and time table in public transportation in Gree ,Thessaloniki , Also any nav app who work in Europe as NAv me is not avalaibe in my country thanks a lot


Hi, I use Moovit for public transport, and google maps for online navigation, or Navigator with free maps for offline Navigation (works worldwide, just download the relevant maps after installation).
I haven’t used any pebble specific apps for any of those yet to be honest, but don’t usually look at my watch when I drive :smiley:
Hope that helps,


Thank u Pan1 I try it


I live in Czech republic. Often I use for base orientation in terrain “maps” - Palmap, Mapstatic, Simplemap or Mini map. Also classical Compas app. Next useful app - GPS track and Ontrack. For navigation - Navi Me, Locus addon (with locus for android), Rideon, Directions. Of course you will need try them, which one is ready for your location. Pebble On!


Thank you i try it ,so far use move it but not have informations in pebble probably need and one app like directions for pebble