Buying a new Pebble after June 30


Hello! I just decided the Pebble Round is the best choice for me as a smart watch. The functions, the style plus the slim profile are unmatched.
Then, I read about the demise of Pebble and that Fitbit is shutting down the server for Pebble tomorrow.
Really bad timing for me!
So, I can’t get the watch until July 2.
I just opened a Pebble account online and I opened a Rebble account using that Pebble account. But I get the watch July 2.
Will that enable me to use Rebble for cloud services like text dictation?
Is it too late for me to update the phone to optimize how long it will be functional w/ my Note 8?
Thank you!


You will get the same services with or without an old Pebble account. It is possible to just create a new Rebble account and start from there.

The purpose of linking a Pebble account to a Rebble account was that this way your installed apps and watchfaces etc. were imported to the new Rebble account.

So your Rebble account should work well with your new Pebble.

More information is available on