Can Not Confirm email for Pebble Account, bought Pebble 2 HR 7.3.17


Hi everyone,
I bought my Pebble 2 Heart Rate and received it today.
I received an email from Pebble asking me to confirm my email.
However, when I clicked on the link to confirm it, I received the following notification.

You may have mistyped the address or the page may have moved.

Did anyone else have a similar experience?
I wonder if this because Pebble was bought by Fit Bit and now they do not confirm email address.

Thanks in advance!


I’m hoping to get the same watch the end of this month. I tried to register with the pebble app to check it worked and found the same issue as you. Can you still access and install apps from the store to your watch without completing this verification? I guess they need to verify it for purchases? Thanks.


I am feeling a little ripped off! I just bought a Pebble Time Steel smartwatch from and nowhere did I see that Pebble was bought out by FitBit (And I believe from their past behavior it is likely a hostile takeover - “Plunder and Burn”). Before I bought my watch I went to the Pebble site where I also saw nothing about Pebble going out of business?! What? I don’t want to return my smartwatch but I need some guarantee that it will work for awhile or that some other group, company or organization will continue to develop for it?


Sorry, there is no official support from any organization, or other guarantee, although volunteer hackers are trying to keep the platform alive.

(Also, the top of the has displayed the following message for all of 2017: “Pebble has ceased its daily operations, and is no longer producing or selling smartwatches. For more information, please visit”)


Thanks Derek, you have good eyes. I apparently don’t. The teeny disclaimer is pretty much dwarfed by the glorious images of the Pebble models however. Still, you are right. I did see it when I went back - I had to squint and get up close to the monitor but I did see it. The lion’s share of blame goes to myself of course. I was blinded by a fabulous review (Written in 2016) and an Amazon deal that made no mention whatsoever of the lack of support and future development. Still, I may hang on to it to see what develops and maybe look into development myself.