Can we have a "Available on the Pebble App Store" badge?



I’d like to create a small launch website for my watchface and I was wondering if Pebble or somebody could provide a badge image (like the Apple app store one) to immediately show that our app is available of the official store.

Do you like the idea?


I’ll see if I can’t whip something up later tonight or tomorrow… Obviously it will be unofficial, but at least it’s something.


Hey Patrick…

How’s this?


@MatthewCongrove That’s pretty amazing! Can I use it in my website for my new watchface? :slight_smile:


Of course!

To be clear for everyone else coming across this, I’m releasing the Photoshop file as CC-BY-SA.


Hey, very nice of you, thanks very much! Did a great job as well. Looks great!


No problem, @LinkChef. Thanks for the props!


@MatthewCongrove, that’s amazing!!! Thanks for creating this.


No problem, @Cherie :slight_smile:


Great graphics, thanks for sharing.


Great idea and awesome contribution, @MatthewCongrove! Thanks!


This is awesome! Thanks!