Can't install apps on watch anymore


Hi there. I just tired to install an app on my pebble round from the store on the pebble app for android. This has worked in the past. Now none of the apps or watch faces have an install button. I can browse the store as before but not install any apps.

Has the stored died? Is this the end? Can this be fixed?



I just almost made a tutorial on how to sideload apps. And as I was starting it, showing what’s wrong, it worked!

Only difference is that I had sideloaded one simple app, and the whole thing righted itself after a few hours.

To sideload, you go, in a browser, to the Pebble Web site. Find an app you like. I do not think you need to log in, but it will tell you. Add the app. It will work.

And then try to do another app through the regular store. You might say that I accidentally “Kickstarted” it. (Very bad analogy.)

It’s working fine again. Maybe I WILL get the $50 spare Time, and the pretty little 14" band Round for events and dinner and so forth. I was convinced it was all done for.

No promises! And I’m Android KitKat 4.4.4 which was the last bulletproof OS from Google. (But my phone is just too old and I’m getting the Note 8. WITH PEBBLE!

I hope this helps. Sideload anything and then go back to the official app. It should work. Let me know. I am watching this topic. Good luck!



Thank you. Will try that. I see there is a new beta of the android app… But I cannot for the life of me figure out how to download it. Do you know how?


No I don’t. I do beta testing for very reliable apps, but not something that could kill dear Pebble Time. Beta is pretty scary at this point. If you can get your Pebble working, I wouldn’t try anything too courageous.

I just totally don’t understand why the rumors and leaks from the upcoming Fitbit watch won’t be a Time 2 clone. Just enhance the screen a bit, as an option and it would be the best new watch. They are having their own financial problems and with the enormous publicity of the alleged “death” of Pebble, they’d have free publicity like nobody’s ever seen! Well, there’s still, uh, time. :wink:



It stopped again. Oh well. I guess it’a going to be this way.


I wasn’t able to get it working. Any ideas folks?


To install app just use quick search from home page


I cannot imagine how a smarphone app could “kill” the smartwatch.
Tis is as Android App beta (which basically just fixes battery usage issues) and not a Pebble firmware beta.


Are you logged in in the App? Surely? It works also offline (without being signed / logged in) but then you cannot install anything.


Yeah I’m successfully logged in yet it still won’t let me install anything through the app. It also displays what I have installed but no thumbnails work in the app or the store.


^^ this is a known issue which has been fixed in the latest app version (“Beta”), so I can just once again recommend to install it.


Thank you. But as asked in this post I cannot find a way to download it. Do you know how to download it? I can’t find a beta programme to sign up to on the Google store and the links provided above were for old versions and nothing new.

Thank you.

#13 (Pebble Time app) <-- go here first to become a member of the beta channel.
Then you have to wait a bit (few minutes or hours), and the update of the app will be offered via Google Play ( )


Tried that first link, but it says “Your account isn’t currently eligible for this app’s testing program.” Apparently you have to be invited into the beta program.

I’ve also got to echo RJM’s comments, the Time 2 (with a Steel wristband) and those Time Round watches are exactly what I want in a smartwatch. I have friends with Apple Watches & even a Fitbit Blaze who are jealous of my Time Steel. That Blaze update does not look appealing to me at all.


Thank you. That worked great.


The app was officially updated yesterday on Google play:

"We’ve updated our Android app to preserve the Pebble smartwatch experience and remove the dependence on cloud services.

The app lets Pebble devices keep working, even if online servers are not accessible for any reason. The login process can be skipped, apps can be side-loaded, and the latest watch firmware (including language packs) can be installed.

Visit for full details.

This release includes fixes for missing images and high CPU usage on certain versions of Android."


Thank you. I just don’t think this is a good time to experiment with beta testing. I have a red PT in my amazon shopping cart, but I am only concerned about whether it is really, truly “new” and untouched, or is not really new. This is a real problem. I guess I’ll roll the dice. I wanted the little 14" strap Round, but people were reporting frequent screen breakage. It appears to be a bit too fragile.

I will see how today’s update works and then decide. I want a red and rose gold color scheme and I think Barton can do that without too much effort.

In any event, Pebbles are the best smartwatches available. I so wish they had been completely honest and asked the community for help.

One more thing. If Fitbit doesn’t capitalize on this mountain of free publicity and make a Time 2 (w/different name), they are simply stupid.

All the best of luck Pebnlers,