Can't sync pebble with misfit Android app



I’m trying to sync my pebble time steel with my android misfit app, but I keep getting one of these 2 errors after signing into the misfit pebble app and allowing the permissions.

  1. Bad request
  2. {“error”:“unauthorized_client”,“error_description”:“Unauthorized client”}

What’s wrong?


Delete the app and reinstall then login and done


still can not log in . the web feedback [bad request]… …


I have also had this problem with the classic pebble. I did let misfit know that I was getting an error message. I believe they are trying to work on the issues I described below.

In addition to the the syncing issues, I was unable to log into my misfit account (via pebble) and connect the Pebble to the misfit app. I factory reset my pebble and did was unable to sync and the misfit app wouldn’t recognize the Classic Pebble.


I have this exact error. Unable to resolve. Reinstalled pebble and misfit apps. Keep getting either the dad request with blank page or error":“unauthorized_client” “error_description”:“Unauthorized client”???


I’m receiving the same error and there has been sync issues between my pebble time round and misfit for quite some time. Don’t know why the steps on my watch misfit app isn’t exactly in sync with misfits site but that was the reason I reinstalled the misfit app from my watch but now I can’t properly sign into the misfit pebble app…


I’ve got exactly the same problem. Let’s hope they can be bothered to fix it


Same issue here, I guess this isn’t a high enough priority for them to fix which is a pity.

They have probably just forgotten to leave the client id off a list in their web-app, so it is probably a quick-fix.


I have same authorising issue on my p2 which I switched over to after years of p1 use. But my p1 which my wife is now using with a new misfit account logs in fine but then doesn’t sync :confused:


I’m having the same problem with my P2. I really hope that we can get this fixed.