Check in code from pebble


I receive text messages from Pebble everyday on my iPhone : " Pebble check in code XXXX. This is Pebble, just making sure your number is still your number:). No action required from you ".
Of course, tech 4 digit code is different each time I receive the text on my iPhone.
It’s very annoying. How can I stop it. The text comes from different phone number each time. When I call back, the line is busy.


I have the same issue, though form the same phone number every time.
My suspicion is that the app reacts to the watch being disconnected, since I mainly have this issue when I remove the watch at the end of the day and leave it in the kitchen, while taking my iPhone with me.
However I don’t want to change habits due to this annoying feature so I am considering putting the phone number on the blocked callers list.


How can I stop the check in sms. It falls into the category of spam and I don’t recall specifically authenticating it which makes it unsolicited. Bad enough deleting trash from emails please don’t ruin sms as well. Where did you even get my phone number?


You authorized it when you decided to use the reply to text option on the watch. The only way to disable it is to disable text replies. I believe this only happens on iOS but I could be wrong.

It should only happen once every 30 days. It only started for me when I started using my pebble on an iPhone 8. I had my pebble when I had android and it worked fine.

You gave it your phone number when you set it up, I believe.


Thank you for that. Re: the frequency of sms’ I get them several times a day on some days. But almost certainly at least 1 a day. Re: the phone number, been a few years do I guess I forgot about it. Dumping the pebbld soon but turned the reply feature of so look forward to some closure on the issue before the end.


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