Conserve battery


Hi all,
I’m wondering which watch face will conserve the battery more? White face or a dark face. I have been using mainly a dark face but realised that when the watch is off the screen is white so was wondering if a dark face uses more power?

This is not an big issue because I’m easily getting 8 days life but would be nice to know


With E-Paper the battery is only used to re-draw the screen. No power is needed to maintain the screen once drawn.

So, turning seconds off on a screen will save battery as it only changes every minute rather than every second.

I am assuming as well that it takes mo0re power to go from all light to all dark than to change a small part so faces that redraw less each change are likely to use less power but I expect this is more minimal.


You could also consider modifying other settings to save more power

  • Vibration strength
  • Fitness tracking
  • Flight mode
  • Backlight, motion enabled, backlight intensity, backlight timeout
  • Standby mode

The best record for my PT is 10 days with at least Fit and notifications


i think you should go with pebble time steel
i use it myself 2 days no charging required and it feels light on the wrist
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