Continuous Bluetooth Disconnects


So, I just ran into a variation of this problem and was able to connect it to a different issue. Posting it here, in case somebody else comes looking for the answer. My Pebble 2 would randomly lose pairing, and couldn’t be reconnected without fully resetting the phone.

Around the same time, I noticed a seemingly unrelated issue with my Twitter app. Each time I refreshed after the app had closed in the background, it would take a bizarrely long time to load in content. White screen, blue circle, at least 15 seconds of waiting. Worst of all, it would close any background processes I had running at the time. At first, I only noticed that it was killing any Spotify stream I had going while browsing the app. But after a few days, it dawned that this could also be responsible for my watch issue.

So I looked up how to solve the Twitter problem, and it was very easy. Just went into Settings > Apps > Twitter > Storage, and clicked Clear Data. This keeps all the account info, but reset my syncing preferences in a way that alleviated the issue.

Hope this helps somebody.


This was driving me crazy. :frowning: Things I tried that didn’t work:

  1. In bluetooth settings, forgetting the device on both the watch and the phone.
  2. Turning off battery optimization for the Pebble app
  3. Removing all other bluetooth devices from the phone
  4. Deleting and reinstalling the Pebble app on the phone
  5. Doing a factory reset on the Pebble watch (several times)
  6. Deleting the Twitter app (and @Christopher_Berg’s suggestion of deleting its cache)
  7. Deleting random other apps just in case

Nothing helped. It would stay connected for some number of hours and once it disconnected the only way to get it to reconnect was to reboot the phone.

It had been rock solid for years until this suddenly started happening on a seemingly random day in February 2017.

Then finally it occurred to me to turn off the “auto-repair bluetooth” setting in my Tile app. (I also turned off “track when app is closed” but I’m guessing it will be safe to turn that one back on.) My Pebble has stayed connected ever since!

Bluetooth connection issue - Android

Thank you! My Pebble has been disconnecting and un-pairing almost constantly for a couple of weeks. Although it’s only been a few hours, this seems to have fixed it! My tile(s) batteries have gone dead so apparently the app doesn’t like that.


I love you! This has been driving me crazy and I just happened to see this setting today in my Tile App…and then I saw your post! I’m hoping this fixes my issues, too!

Thanks, man!


I do not have the Tile nor the Tile app, but also having same disconnection problems… (Sony Z3 Compact + pebble + occasionally a headset)


same issue…fucked up with issue…help me out if u find any solution


If anyone is still interested… The problem appears to be with the Pebble app getting shut down automatically by the power management features of Android that run in the background when the phone enters standby. This results in a Bluetooth disconnection. In order to prevent disconnects, you need to install an app on your phone that is designed to keep other apps running. I found one on the Google Play store called “Keep Running”. Once I set this up to keep the Pebble app running I didn’t see any further disconnects. I hope this is of use to someone.


Actually, a better solution is prevent Android from putting the Pebble App to sleep. You can do the battery setting on Android. See attached screenshots for an example of how it works on my Samsung S6


the thing that worked for me:

  • uninstall the pebble software
  • unpair the pebble watch from the Bluetooth settings
  • before reinstalling pebble software, pair the pebble watch from the Bluetooth settings
  • after that pairs up successfully, then install the pebble software
  • connect the watch with the pebble software.
    I haven’t had an issue since as the Bluetooth reconnects consistently.

hope that helps!