Factory reset now that Pebble servers are down


I have an original Pebble which is still working fine and I have only done one or two factory resets in all that time, probably four plus years. My question is this. Now that Pebble servers are down can I do a factory reset and will I keep the latest firmware upgrades. I know that Pebble apps are available in a couple of places and I have backedup a few that I really want. What I don’t know is the details of the factory reset process. Is it like a computer reboot, using firmware already on the watch or does it go online to the now non existent Pebble servers? I have firmware 3.12.3, Recovery v3.8-prf9, Bootloader 0x56418670, Hardware V3R3.I would appreciate any info on the Factory Reset process.



Yes is the answer after server shudown you will be able to load the latest firmware as it is in the app so it should be fine as long as you have the latest app version.


Thanks. I assume you mean the latest app on mi iPhone.


I just did this on my Pebble time steel. Had to uninstall the app too. The so is still live for now.

What about that? What if you need to uninstall the app where do we get another copy, after they remove the app too?


I think the app will stay in the app store for some time after shut down but on Android you can download the APK and store it somewhere no sure about IOS.


How to download it?