Fe504503 - Is there any hope?


Early yesterday morning, my Time Steel showed 40% charge. Later in the morning, it buzzed me, anddisplayed a message something like ‘good until the afternoon’. That surprised me because a charge had been lasting me 7-10 days. I immediately connected the charger. When I later looked at it (while it was still connected to the charger cord), error message fe504503 was displayed on the face.
I googled that error message and followed the instructions at https://help.getpebble.com/customer/en/portal/articles/2457318-error-codes for that error. When I pressed the buttons per the instructions, the watch face gradually went completely black, and remains that way.

I’ve tried a few of the recovery tips mentioned in the forum without success.
Has anyone recovered from this? Any chance it will live again?


Yeah, just let the battery drain and reconnect it to the charger. May take a couple of days.