FIXED: Screen tearing: memory leaks and battery level?


My month old plain steel hasn’t experienced any screen tearing issues as of yet, however thanks everyone for a ‘fix’ if I require it in the future!


One more thing need to remind guys if you wanna do it by yourself. This fix is real and it works like charm. Until yesterday everything was fine, There was no single issue related to tearing screen. But yesterday I went to swim with the fixed PS for the 3rd time. When I was in the pool, my PS started to viberate with low battery signal and then within 2 mins, it died on the spot. Opened up, I regretfully found out water was inside the watch already. I believe when I did the hack, I didnt align the rubber thread seal properly and a very very small gap left between the back and watch body. That’s it, it is totally my own fault - careless. So just put a warning here, in case you wanna DIY, make sure the rubber thread seal is aligned exactly at the back of the cover. If you are not ure the seal after DIY, dont go for swimming with the watch unless there is RMA is on the way. Luckily my RMA arrives today on time. (Thx, Pebble customer service team. )


Hey guys!

I had this screen tearing problem and solved as many others: shim the LCD connector.
But after 7 months without screen tearing back, my Pebble is dead!

The screen started flickering (text + backlight) and just about 2 days the battery went from full to empty.
Today the LCD is full dead! Watch is still alive (I can connect thru my phone). Backlight is alive too…

I´ve opened, cleaned the “zebra connector” of the LCD, that little rubber that connects the LCD to the board with isoprophyl alcool, but got no luck…

Has anyone faced this problem? A LCD change could do the trick?
The right part number is a Sharp LS013B7DH01 of just $11, but the import dutyes of my country would skyrocket this to $68, a price that would not be a good try out…


Others have mentioned that Pebble was replacing these out of warranty. They just refused to do that for me (even after I pressed them on it) so maybe they have stopped the unofficial warranty extension. I’m pretty disappointed considering that the problem is clearly a design failure. They offered me a 25% discount on a new product, which sounds good until you realize that all they did was offer to sell a watch to me for the same price I can get it at Best Buy (Pebble’s direct prices are higher than usual retail channels).

I’m planning to try the fix written up here (thanks!) but if that fails, I’ll probably take my business to another vendor since I’ve lost confidence in both Pebble’s quality and their willingness to stand behind the product. Pity.


@DeRedder said:
It will do nothing; in your pictures I can see that the piece of cardboard is cut around the part that sticks out of the
back plate. The part that sticks out is the one which is at fault; it does not exert enough pressure on the ‘thing’ (with
the black tape) on the other side which is presses on.
Myself I took painting tape and cut out several pieces the size of the ‘black tape covered thing’, and put those on top of
each other. So looking at 6-8 pieces of painting tape stacked on top of each other. Needless to say it never had any
problems ever since.

Do as DeRedder said. This is the solution. Worked for me as well.


Thanks to everybody for the tips. I have one detail to add, and one reminder: the screws in my watch were T4, not T3 as someone else reported. Maybe different builds used different size screws? And the reminder, be careful in removing the back cover of the watch since the vibrator may adhere to it instead of the watch body and you risk breaking the tiny little wires. I was able to pry the vibrator off with the tip of my pocketknife and stick it back down in its place on the board (using the residual adhesive, I didn’t add any new glue).


@Sean Hawkes said:
If you have read anything on this forum you would know that Pebble is replacing watches even if out of warranty.

Incorrect. My Pebble Steel was 1 month outside of warranty by the time I contacted support to get it fixed (even though the problems started inside of the 1 year warranty period, they just got so bad it was downright unusable once I was outside the warranty) and support told me there was nothing they could do, citing being outside the warranty period.

Especially after seeing I’m far from the only one suffering from this issue I can’t help but feel this is almost planned obsolescence on Pebble’s part. If it wasn’t for their superior battery life I would be jumping ships now, I’m not happy about this.

So now my watch has crumbled piece of toilet paper inside of it, and it has completely taken care of the issue. Fantastic.


Oh my gosh I am so grateful I found this post. I made he repair using a small thin piece of plastic and my watch is back to normal This combined with installing the new “pebble time” OS on my classic makes me feel like I got a brand new watch! Thank you!!


Just my two cents. I’d just started unscrewing my Steel back to do this repair but had to stop as I had an urgent meeting. I screw back (at this point I never remove the backplate) the loose screws and went to the meeting. Then I noticed the scrambled lines had disappeared and for the moment have not come back.


It just solved the problem for some hours. It just changed the pressure on the critical point to eliminate the lines for a time. I’ve ended up doing what was advised at the beginning of this post. But just putting enough masking tape (7 sheets) on the black connector.

@Dario Perez said:
Just my two cents. I’d just started unscrewing my Steel back to do this repair but had to stop as I had an urgent meeting. I screw back (at this point I never remove the backplate) the loose screws and went to the meeting. Then I noticed the scrambled lines had disappeared and for the moment have not come back.


Hi, it’s me again. After doing the outlined procedure (putting the some sheets of tape at the display connector, 7 layers as mentioned above), it worked for just two days. Yesterday the display was unreadable because of several lines going through it. It was so bad that I had to shut down the clock. Once at home, I open it up again and put from twelve to fourteen layers of masking tape at the connector. Now it is working ok again, but I don’t know for how long.


Just did the fix with 2 Pebble Classics. Mine and my son’s.
First impression: it worked!! Removing the vibration motor from the cover was a bit tricky but possible.
On mine, which I did first, I also used silicone oil on the sealing rubber but it had the negative effect, that the rubber widened and I had a bit of a hussle to get it back in place when I put the cover back on.
I used also a peace of 4 layer painter tape cut in shape between the motor and the housing. Did the job perfect.
Before the surgery my display was literally unusable. Only pressure on the housning at the bottom right and flipping through the timeline got the display back working.
Now it’s about an hour after and both watches work perfectly.
Guys, you saved me 120 €!! I was just about to buy a Pebble Time. :smiley:
to be continued …


Thank you very much- that worked for me very fine!


I used the fix suggested here for my pebble and it seems to have worked like a charm. I used electrical tape in mine. Thanks I stopped using it due to the screen issue like 2 years ago.


After about 6 months my pebble started tearing again. To I simply added another two layers of tape and now the screen is stable again.
So if you suffer from the screen tearing problem, just follow the instructions and don’t mind about any guaranty issues ;·)


Awesome fix! Will do it just as the original poster! Two quesions:

  1. Personnaly i hate vibration on my watch. Also it annoys me that every single time I change the watchface the vibrator sucks 1% off of the battery! And I try lots of watchfaces from the community ofcourse :slight_smile: So I was thinking: what if I carefully cut the vibrator wires and REMOVE the entire motor out of the watch!, will it continue to work normally without displaying “errors” when it wants to vibrate? Has anybody by accident or intentionally removed the Vibrator and ran later into any problems??

  2. Whats the size of the lithium polymer battery in the Pebble Steel (width, height, thickness) in millimeters? I might want to replace it with a newer slightly higher capacity battery. Especially in view of point 1 (more space!!). Anybody replaced their battery here?

Link to high res photo of Pebble Steel’s battery compartment

Link to a video where a professional gently disassembles the battery


on the basis on Pebbles demise…and mines an RMA…- what type of screw driver head is it…I’m blowed if I can find it in my sets…


Cut three small pieces of cardboard from a notepad into the back of my pebble and so far no tearing. thanks OP :slight_smile:


Thanks everyone for responses on this.

I had my first Pebble Steel replaced under warranty due to the tearing issue. The replacement unit has developed the same problem, but sadly warranty replacement is no longer an option :frowning:

Went to apply this fix, but when I opened my watch I found I have a black foam pad over the connector. I assume that this was to mitigate for the original issue.

I have placed a small square of card between the foam pad and the back of the watch, which seems to have cured the issue for the time being.

If the problem comes back again I will stick a small square of credit card type plastic inside the back of the case, to increase the pressure on the foam pad, and to prevent the plastic moving around inside the case.

Final point to note is that this watch (I assume) is a later model BUT it had the vibrating unit stuck to the inside of the watch back.


Just wanted to say thanks to all the people on this thread advocating the use of a shim above the connector to resolve the screen tearing issue.

I’d been experiencing this problem several times a day for many weeks, and nothing I’d tried so far had solved it. I was on the verge of binning my Pebble and going a different way, but I thought I’d give it one last try and found this thread. Five minutes of my time and a small shim the thickness of six layers of masking tape later, the problem seems to be solved - I haven’t had a single occurrence of the screen corruption issue for the last fortnight.

Thank you!