FIXED: Screen tearing: memory leaks and battery level?


I just used 4-5 layers of painting tape (“Malerkrepp” in German) like in post #23 - it seems to work, thank you.

Screw driver: T5

Hardware (from info screen): V3R2

Vibrating unit was stuck to the back cover. Didn’t have to remove it: it was possible to open and rotate the back cover carefully without damaging the cables, but shouldn’t do that too often.

My unit did not have the black foam pad over the connector like mentioned in #80. Instead there was a thin black tape. I left it where it was and just added my painting tape on top.

The back cover has a small plastic thing exactly where it has to apply pressure on the connector. Seems it wasn’t enough.

Now 24 hours without issue. If I’m not posting again, it stayed like that :slight_smile:

I didn’t do anything to the rubber seal - should I? I’m not planning to put my pebble into water…