[Game] Orbtime - A Drop7 Clone with a Twist

Update: Game saving on exit, high scores, and less flickering! Visit the Webpage to Sideload Orbtime.

Orbtime is a Drop7 / Chainfactor clone with a twist. After releasing my previous game Droptype, Donald Bubbins suggested that something like Drop7 would suit the Pebble. After mulling over this idea, I decided to make a prototype which eventually became this! Since Orbtime is a clone, it shares the same gameplay mechanic that's often described as a cross between sudoku and a falling block puzzle game. And the twist? Orbtime recognizes that a Pebble is a timepiece and includes time orbs which represent the current time. In Orbtime, what time you play will affect the outcome of your game.


How To Play

You have a 7 wide and 7 high field that can be filled with orbs. The idea is to keep the field from overflowing by having the orbs clear themselves. How does an orb clear itself? The following infographic demonstrates this.


Great game, love it. Score: 57,726


Wow this is fantastic! You really are one of the best pebble developers. This is so pollished and so thought out. A game perfectly designed for a time piece. Well done, well done.

Edit: ok maybe that was a little too much praise but I think you’ve done some good work.


Can you make a brainless version? Or is that Droptype?


NIce game. Score :88,526 lvl 12


definetly the best game available yet! played it to ~300.000 Points then the screen went blank…I guess, this game is kind of a battery killer :wink:



Glad you liked it, I noticed you tried it as soon as I posted it up!

Thank you once again. I was weary about making an outright clone, but I felt pretty excited when I had the idea of combining time with the numbers. To be honest, there is still the issue with the second orb perhaps being too destructive when it comes to someone creating an elaborate chain. I also considered possibly allowing orb promotion to carry a chain, but that may make it too easy to accidentally chain. Currently, garbage orbs can also turn into time orbs – this may change if hardcore chaining players find this annoying.

It’s true, Droptype is pretty modest in the beginning. In Orbtime however, I reduced the amount of discs you have in Normal mode compared to Drop7 because of the help you can get with the minute and second orbs. Try a strategy where you immediately clear orbs of smaller numbers and leave larger number orbs to naturally disappear when you level up. I also released the game on a dreaded 1-day where all day orbs are 1’s, so it’s a bit more difficult than normal.

Ah, you spotted the level indicator. I tried having a level up banner show, but all it did was obstruct my view when a level up caused the new garbage blocks to immediately become numbered orbs and possibly chain.


Awesome job with this! Sitting at a little over 300k right now and going strong!


Great work! The level of polish in how quickly things move, the clarity of parts, etc. is amazing for a first release.

I’d like to suggest that garbage orbs changing into time orbs is, indeed, too randomizing. And the second (and even minute) orbs do make the Normal game too easy. I tried playing and got over a million points and wrapped the level to “14” (114) before my Pebble did the unceremonious out-of-battery shutdown.

But Hard is quite fun. Any chance of a “leaderboard” (with dates rather than names)?


@Bradley_Convers & @Hans_Gerwitz

You two are very good at this :slight_smile:

Yes, I purposely made the level indicator wrap to two digits because of the screen size, though the score should have a very telling story! Since I have agreement on the garbage issue, I’ll go ahead and make that change once I have the time. I may also consider having second orbs appear less frequently or adapt a power ramp similar to Droptype.

For leaderboards, eventually in the future I’d love to have android apps accompany my games in order to store state. In the mean time, I could perhaps use httpebble’s cookie feature. I like the date idea, that would give the player a feeling of progress.


Orbtime is now at version 1.1! This update includes a fancier animation for the main menu time orbs and the discussed change with garbage orbs.

More specifically, garbage orbs no longer change into time orbs once they’ve been hit twice by adjacent clears. They should always turn into basic orbs once they run out of hits. The resulting basic orbs should still be able to be promoted to time orbs however. I decided to release an update with only this change to see what the resulting gameplay is like before taking more measures to make Normal not too easy. Download here or use the first post.


Thanks I look forward to checking it out!


Excellent app and nicely done!


This needs to come to 2.0


I’ve hold back on OS2 waiting for a compatible version of Orbtime. I would even do the conversion if I had the sourcecode. Or maybe I’ll just make a clone? I don’t want to rip the developer off, but this needs to come to the new OS ASAP!




Thank you everyone! I’ve not abandoned my projects, I will definitely convert them all to 2.0, it’s been on my todo list for a long time, but a certain project of mine is taking up all my time :). Unfortunately I will have to hold off on fancy features, I will see if I can provide a direct port for Droptype and Orbtime by the end of the week.


Thanks for waiting, I’ve updated Orbtime to 2.0! Go to the original post or the website http://meiguro.com/orbtime/pebble/ for the download links for both 1.x and 2.x. Similar to Droptype, Orbtime also doesn’t make use of any new 2.0 features yet. The suggestions in this thread to have tracking pertain very well to this game, so I will definitely want to add such features in the future which SDK 2.0 make possible. This was also a quick port, so I will be updating if I find any issues.


Thank you! Today I updated to OS2, Orbtime is already on my Pebble!