Google maps navigation - catch notification and display direction


I’m looking for a solution for topic: "Google Maps Navigation"
like mentioned I want to
"There are 2 places you can intercept the notifications
1 - On the smart phone
2 - On the pebble

I am talking about the latter. So pebble OS could have a broadcast receiver kind of thing which some special apps can register to & can manipulate the text of the notification to show something more intuitive to the user."

So how can I react inside a pepple app on a notification message of google maps (which I already receive on the watch)?

Thank you for your help :slight_smile:


Have you already tried Nav Me?


Yes same try NavMe works great.


I’ve tried NavMe a week ago on my PTR : doesn’t work :confused:


Works fine on my PTS so not sure why yours is not.


Not sure too, i’ve tried several option and tweaks… The watch stayed stuck on "lauch google nav on your phone’’ despite the nav on… Strange…