Got blank screen gradually (couple of seconds) after working pretty fine


It happened that my Pebble Time Steel was working perfectly and suddenly got blank screen.
It boot up again with any button so I didn’t care too much until I discovered that it was very frequent (every couple of minutes) and, this the most weird thing, it does not get blank screen just like that, but gradually (in couple of seconds), like dimming.

The last thing I did with my watch was taking a shower so I suposse it is not waterproof any more (((crying…)))

Before put it in the trash can, I simply took the screen out from its borders and (surprise!) the screen easily got out of the watch, including the connector.

It had couple of days like that, with me trying to put the connector again (but with my fingers, it was almost impossible), until last night that I did it! (I suppose these two days were good enough to get dry again!)

I closed it very carefully couple of times and last one I added some glue (easy to release) to make it little more secure (I don’t want to loose the screen while walking on street!)

The watch was working fine again. This morning It started to crash again, but this time with the black face with the error number saying: fe504510.

See Fe504510 error on Pebble Time

Now it works fine again.