Hard time letting go


I’m still having a hard time letting go of my PTS. The watch in my opinion was just perfect even down to the physical keys (touchscreens get dirty fast). I been wearing my Asus Zenwatch 2 and it’s cool don’t get wrong but it’s just not a Pebble the fact I have to remember to charge it everyday is just annoying. It’s just baffles me that Fitbit would buy Pebble and do away with it despite having a strong fan base. The Fitbit versa seems ok but again it’s not a Pebble and I know it has a canned message feature but it’s still no voice dictation. Every now and then I look for articles saying someone is going to save Pebble lol but that hasn’t happened and probably won’t. I will keep rocking my Pebble until no longer works and I’ll start wearing regular watches when it no longer works cuz in my opinion the only replacement for a Pebble smartwatch is a new Pebble smartwatch.


The Pebble Time Steel, if it is not the perfect watch, it comes close. I’m still rocking mine after nearly a year and a half.


It’s definitely close to perfect. I’m gonna be heartbroken next month when my PTS doesn’t work anymore


You remind me that I should check back the Rebble team…


I been contemplating that but $30 a month is another bill.


I have the perfect option. Buy a garmin genie 3hr refurbished on amazon. I got one for 229, and it is so awesome. I also bought the quick release straps so essentially you are getting a Fenix 5 for 229 vs 700!

It is awesome and the interface and apps so remind me of the pebble.

I had emailed Fitbit support to offer us a small discount this is what they wrote; (short answer, switch)

Hello Carl,

Thank you for responding and we appreciate your loyalty.

We would like to thank you for your feedback and comments, certainly this will help us improve our service. I understand your decision made, that was moving to Garmin and would like to let you know that we are certainly working on offers that will benefit our customers.

Also, appreciate your loyalty and remember that if you have any doubt or question in the feature will be more than happy to assist you.

Roberto C. and the Fitbit Team

Thanks Roberto, I do appreciate you returning my email.

However, coming from a company that once sent me a replacement fitbit (overnight) to Hawaii while I was on vacation and lost my device, to not even offering a small (10-20%) discount to current Pebble users who’s service/support will be ending in June, this is unacceptable. Perhaps I shouldn’t be surprised as even service to your new devices appeared to have gone down yesterday.

I’ve moved on to Garmin and purchased one of their devices. Super happy with this device (that cost me about the same as a full priced Versa) and will be encouraging friends and family (still with Pebble / fitbit) to switch.

A 20% discount would have been a no brainer for Pebble owners of devices that your leadership decided to turn off the service to, to encourage a switch to one of your other wearables, e.g. a Versa / aka “Pebble Time 2”.

I did LOVE your company, and now I have multiple uncharged fitbit products that will be recycled.

I realize this isn’t your policy Roberto, just wanted to share my thoughts with your leadership.

Best Regards, and I do wish you and fitbit all the best in the health care /wearables market,

Hello Carl,

My name is Roberto and I’m part of a team that reviews customer’s comments on the survey in order to improve our service and customer experience.

I have reviewed your case 2413xxxxx and confirmed that we missed the opportunity of to properly assist you with your inquiry in regard to closing Pebble and please accept our apologies. Thank you for bringing this to our attention by filling the survey and rest assured that the proper feedback will be provided to improve our service.

In regard to your first inquiry, we are very happy to know you show interest in the Fitbit products such as the Fibit Versa and if you would like to review more information about our trackers and watches like the Versa. Visit our website Fitbit.com/store. At this moment we are currently not offering any discounts for Pebble owners, you can always review this information for details at: How do I get support for my Pebble device?

Please let us know if you have any additional question or concerns so we can further assist you.

Roberto C. and the Fitbit Team


It’s not surprising that they won’t give us a discount. Nevermind the fact Pebble has such a strong fanbase that still don’t matter. I’ll definitely give the Garmin a look


Yikes, why do you think the Rebble Web Services would cost $30/month? I couldn’t find pricing anywhere (couldn’t even find the Patreon page), but if the voice services / dictation are going to cost that much, I’m not surprised that it was dropped from the Fitbit Versa. I was expecting Rebble would charge something like $5/month at most.

(I also meant to ask: if the Versa 2 added voice services / microphone, would that make you upgrade from Pebble? I admit voice is one feature holding me back from buying the Versa as well, but canned replies might be “good enough” for me if Rebble doesn’t work out.)


I thought I read somewhere on here that it was $30 (I could be wrong). I did see that the Versa now has canned responses which has me rethinking it. If it has voice dictation that would be awesome. I could live with the canned responses tho because sometimes a simple yes or no or ok is the only response needed.


It isn’t going to be anything like $30 a month… I’ve just read the Rebble website and they said a Rebble account is free and that will get us access to the appstore etc. If we want dictation services it will cost around $2 a month


That’s how I’d use canned responses too. I’d prefer dictation (the Versa has no microphone, so it’s definitely not possible with this model), but as long as I can add “Back in 30 mins” as a canned response, I could get by for now. I’ll miss Snowy though.

I’d pay $2/month in a heartbeat for voice services, and I’d pay a year upfront (would save them a lot on credit card fees that way). I’m a little surprised Fitbit hasn’t considered that as an extra revenue stream themselves. But $30/month would be way too much for me.


Yes $2 a month is doable


Have you looked at the Amazfit Bip? After my 2nd PTS battery failure I’ve moved onto this. Not quite as good as the PTS (although better for fitness type stuff) at £40/$60 it is a bit of a no brainer.


I feel the missing microphone on the Fitbit versa makes it a glorified og Pebble.


I was looking at the Bip over the weekend. It’s just ok in my opinion.


I have to agree with you. The added canned responses recently but they already should’ve had that and voice dictation when they put the Versa out. In my opinion the Versa is still worth buying but it’s definitely lacking. In my opinion as simple as the Pebble is it still has alot more to offer then alot of the other smartwatches.