Health Data not showing on phone


I can’t see any page/app of my health data on my phone app. How to get health data on pebble phone app ?


turn off and on. If that don’t work try removing the app on the phone. Forget the Bluetooth connection on phone then. Reinstall and repair through app. If that don’t work try all that but also reset the watch.


I re-installed the app… its working now… thanks for the instant reply.


I did everything but mess with the Bluetooth and Pebble Health is clearly having serious problems. Sleep is particularly affected but I use Sleep As Android, so it’s no big deal. This afternoon it did pick up a genuine nap. Maybe it’s okay now. Will see tomorrow morning. Otherwise, I have to re-Bluetooth it. Hate that!
The steps are the only thing that is a serious problem. Google Fit needs those steps for my diabetes app. Really ticked off.