Hi I'm KwangWoon UNV. Lab student, I want contact with Pebble about Project Support!


Hello! I am undergraduates (Tae Hoon Hwang) who are conducting security related projects at Kwangwoon University in South Korea. I belong to the Biomedical Computing Laboratory lab at Kwangwoon University. The purpose of the project is to automatically classify the packets from the IoT device according to a specific feature using machine learning and then to filter out the anomalous packets. We tried to do research with your Pebble2 but could not get any packet related information.
We need information about the Pebble2’s packet generation interval, how the packet is made, and how it communicates with a cell phone or computer.

-Specific details are as follows.
-Flow duration
-Flow volume in bytes and packets
-Packet length(minimum, mean, maximum and standard deviation)
-Inter-arrival time between packets(minimum, mean, maximum and standard deviation)

Can I get the above information? It is Ok whatever form. i.e file, packet capture data(raw data). I would really appreciate it if you let me know in a line that does not bother you with that information.

I wish you eternal development of the company.


Contact FitBit, they bought Pebble.


Fitbit did not buy Pebble; FitBit bought certain assets of Pebble.

To the OP, there is no one who can assist you as Pebble, as a company, does not exist.


That FitBit bought Pebble was the short form. And since his question was software-related, it is true enough for him.

Why not? FitBit bought the software-part of Pebble, so if they are interested in helping him, he may be at the right address. Not that I belive so, but IMO it’s worth trying.


Too late.