How many Pebbles do you own? stocking up?


I have:

1 Pebble Time Steel in silver. (I don’t use it much)
2 Pebble Time Steels in black. (one I use and the other is brand new that I am saving for when my other one dies)
2 Pebble Time’s in black. (one is used regularly and the other one is used only when I go swimming or doing yard work stuff)

I plan to buy one or 2 more Pebble Times in black before the end of the year to keep new for when my regular one dies.

Anyone else doing what I am? I just love this watch and can’t see myself owning any other smartwatch.


I own a PS in black I’ve bought in july. Nice one but a little heavy and most, it have de screen tearing issue (10 days after the first use, damn…).

I realy REALY love the screen and the black and white contrast but the lack of health too pushed me to buy a PTR one month ago and I’happy with it despite the short life battery (that buggs me a litlle) and the slighty less contrats than my beloved PS.

So for now, I have 2, 1 PS and 1 PTR. Maybe for christmas I’ll ask for a P2.


One first edition in black and one pebble time steel in gold with black leather band.


I don’t know how much sense that makes. Fitbit isn’t doing so well these days and if they decide to pull the plug on the Pebble software your watches will no longer be “smart.”

iOS 11 already seems to have broken the Bluetooth LE for a lot of people, myself included. Will some kind of fix come along…I’m not holding my breath.


If all my watch does after the shut down is tell accurate time with all my favorite watchfaces, then I’ll be very happy.


Make power to you then!! :slight_smile:


2 PTS Black (Kickstarter Editions)

  • 1 is warranty replacement
  • 1 is the broken one that I still had when Pebble closed shop and then I managed to fix it :slight_smile:

1 PTR Black
1 PTR Silver

I now switch back and forth between the PTRs most days.

  • Merg


Still dailying my OG Pebble (Kickstarter Edition) that was purchased used in 2015. I got a Steel with the infamous screen tearing problem, but submitted my warranty claim probably 1 or 2 days too late (they printed the shipping label, but never sent the replacement out). Now, it is my duty (burden) to try and unload the broken Steel on eBay while spreading the word about corporate volatility on boards such as this.

The OG should last me another year or two, at which point it may be time to start thinking about a replacement. Hopefully this thing keeps running, (and remaining compatible with Android) and I won’t need to have that conversation for a long time.


I’ve got: (ahem) 3 classics (red, black, white kickstarter ed), 2 time steels (both gold) and recently stocked up on 3 time rounds (silver, black, white).

ATM I wear the white pebble for sport/wet stuff and the silver or black round for ‘nice’. I’m a girl so the PTR just looks way nicer in general. The steels last way longer on battery though, and are more waterproof, so it’s a bit of a tradeoff. Paid ~70 euro each for the rounds and got customized bands for each: silver with stainless steel, black with black milanese loop and the white has a white ceramic band. Have got a ton of leather and rubber 22mm bands for the classics and steels.

I’m set for the near future :slight_smile:


I’ve got a gold time steel that replaced my og steel after it developed the dreaded screen tearing issue.

I wish I hadn’t bothered sending the og steel back now, as it was only about a month before pebble announced the closure. Could have kept it as a spare and tried to fix it.

I’ve also got a black pebble 2 hr that I got after pebble’s closure. Mainly because I really wanted one that could measure my heartrate, and I knew the pebble time 2 wouldn’t happen by then.

I use a truffol 2 tone gold band for both of them, although i’m thinking about getting a milanese loop strap, mainly because one of the levers broke off of the pins yesterday on the truffol, meaning I now can’t fully remove the band to switch it between the hr and the time steel. I know I can still remove it, but it’s a lot more difficult to do now.