How many people have trusted their pebble to water


I am scared to try it because of how long if ever it would take to get a replacement.

How many of you have taken it swimming in a simple swimming pool? I found the thread where the person took their pebble diving in salt water which was encouraging for sure. Of course by way of the thread I have determined that one persons watch held up but I want to hear from anyone to see if they have had their watch die in water

My worry is the design of the buttons, long term effects of the water on the glue etc.

salt water diving thread


The biggest things I have read about Pebble are that water depth/pressure really is no problem for it. The major concern is in sudden temperature changes. Like dunking it it a hot tub from cold air.

One redditor cracked his screen from going into a (presumably very hot) shower.

But i’ve also read of someone running their’s through a dishwasher with no ill effect!

If I shower with mine I try to cover it with my hand until everything has warmed up but it’s not super concerning.

But advice would be to just to go crazy, breakages due to water really have been very rare considering the 50,000 something units out there. Just don’t try to break by going from ice water to boiling water and you should be fine.


Pebble is waterproof, do your worst


I’ve had no problems with it, general swimming. I would not expect the glue to have problems dissolving in water. Usual care for a watch is don’t take it in the shower regularly since it can affect the life of the rubber seals, but I’m not sure if this is still a real concern on newer compounds - that was advice I got from a few watch places over the years anyway. Given the battery is probably not going to last 10 years, its likely to be perhaps less a problem than a conventional watch.

Usually don’t push the buttons under water. I read something one time that unless it is rated to 200m and thus designed for diver use, the buttons are not designed to be pressed under water - as the seals move possible for water to get in. Depends exactly how the button design is done - from the xray view looks like a double O-ring which sounds good, but I don;t really know.

Wash it in fresh water after taking it in salt. A big temperature change probably the most suspect to cause a problem, but I suspect might be quite an unlikely occurrence (eg combination of stresses in the watch and just the wrong change).


thanks everyone for your input. I guess I will swim with it next time I go to the pool


I’ve been swimming with it and it was perfect. :slight_smile:


In the shower, no problem!


I have been swimming in a salt water pool pretty regularly with mine. I was pretty nervous the first time and kept checking the screen for leaks but it has been fine


On all of my previous watches (pre-Pebble), I have always replaced the original watchband with a nylon strap w/ Velcro closures. I find this to be much more comfortable when outside sweating in the Texas heat. And, because of this, I prefer to leave my watch on in the shower so that the nylon strap gets a daily shower as well !! Just one reason for wearing it in the shower . . . YMMV . . . I haven’t been swimming with it yet, but I don’t anticipate any problems with that either !!


I was the dishwasher guy.

still works perfectly:)


Yeah; but what about the Pebble? :slight_smile:

Neil Cameron said:
Yeah; but what about the Pebble? :-)



Just out of curiosity does anyone shower with their pebble daily?


Yes, as I indicated above, I wear mine in the shower every day & in the three weeks of doing so, no ill effects have been observed.


I have showered with mine daily, but I am sad to report that when I got out of the shower today, my watch developed the dreaded brown blotch syndrome. I can’t say for certain that this was water related, but it appears to be. I’m sad.

On edit: my backlight also stopped working, so I would definitely say that my waterproofing failed.


I use mine in a hot shower every day or so (great for changing tracks on my iPhone) and also leave it on when I am in the hot tub (40C) for up to an hour, a few times a week, during which time its mainly submerged.

I’ve been doing this for the 2-3 months since I got my Pebble, No problems to report.

In the past I have had problems with “waterproof” watches when I left them on on water slides (maybe twice?) I’ll be careful not to do that with my Pebble.


Went for at least one swim and shower with it already. No issues. This is actually one of the key reasons I funded Pebble… I wasn’t going to until they announced waterproofing.

I actually got notified that a call was coming in while swimming which is great when I am on call, before I would often have to check for messages frequently which kind of ruined the enjoyment of the swim.


I went “Snuba” diving in Kauai at about 15ft below Sea Level and my Pebble was completely fine. No problems whatsoever.

That being said, I am not sure about pebble being in deeper water (Scuba Diving for example).


Swimming yes, shower…no. Doesn’t it say something in the website about showering?


I believe it will withstand a shower but I still take it off nevertheless