How many people have trusted their pebble to water


They say not to push the buttons while the Pebble is in contact with water. But how long should I wait after I have showered with it/washed my hands before I can safely push them?


As long as not submerged, pressing button is fine. Just do a quick swing of your hand to remove excessive water and you will be fine.


Just been swimming for the first time with my pebble time since i got it after the kickstarter campaign. Went to check the time and sadly my watch just shows a blank screen. Never pushed any buttons or received any messages. The pool is only 5 foot deep and i was in for less than an hour.

First week i got my watch i left it under water in the sink for about 10 mins and had no probs so a bit gutted to have a broken watch now even after i gave it a quick test. Sent a message to support so playing the waiting game now.


I got my PTS last week. Couple if days later I rinsed it after a workout and the screen stopped working after leaving it to dry.


PTS seems like a very leaky boat. No doubt mine too going by the numbers. Guess I should wait until they’re generally available before the submarine test. I wonder where the failures are mostly, buttons or glass seal most likely if it was just a rinse?


PTS gunmetal - swiped in the ocean a few times and shower killed it. Seems like no water resistance for me. emailed support, heard back a few days later that I have to wait due to large volume of support issues. Back to original pebble that I have never had water issues with. Curious how long until I get a new one, but it seems like it might be a New Year’s present at this point.


A lot of people are posting about a singular instance that they submerged their watch and it survived. I used my watch for 18 months and submerged it in lakes, oceans, shower, etc probably 300 times. It’s just that on the 301st time it failed. I was out of the warranty period. I expect something that is waterproof to remain waterproof indefinitely. Otherwise it’s not truely waterproof. I feel like my device was correct per the factory and it lasted for 18 months of use in water. It’s just that the design seems to make it waterproof for a while, not forever.


I used my Pebble in the pool, which is no deeper than 2 metres, it immediately went dead. I contacted Pebble and they asked for pics of the watch. there is nothing to show other than a blank screen. From what I’m reading in the forums, it seems to me there is a defect with this watch as many are saying they had no issue with using it in the pool, showering etc. I’m hoping the people Pebble will replace my unit.


Showered once with PTS. Screen went all funny afterwards. Managed to dry it but battery is now 8hours instead of 10days. No word from support other than a single “we’re busy” email.


Just thought I’d say that it took about 2 days to hear back from pebble support and then after i took a few photos of my defected pebble and emailed them back i got a new one about a week later. From the time my pebble got water damage i got a new pebble about 10 days later. Not too bad considering what i heard from others trying to contact support. It was a black pebble time though so i guess they had lots of them spare.


@Morgan: I don't think you have to wait at all if the Pebble is no longer in water. I'd dry it off and then push away.
Just don't punch any buttons while it's submerged.


:confused: i got my pebble classic on 5/2015 and it was fine on shower etc. but this sunmer i went to mediterrian sea and did some snorkling, shore was max 2m deep and after 10min of swimming my watch was dead, newer game up. I managed to get new for free from the store i bought it. One thing that makes me laugh are these waterproof test videos on youtube where they put these pebbles on class of water :))
It really imitates the 5ATM :))

Take your watch to underwater they say…


Hi Mike, I do appreciate the glass of water tests. The reason for these tests was some initial reports of the Pebble Time Steel dying after a splash. These videos confirm (at least fir the testers) that the PTS will survive normal use for those not planning on swimming with their watch on.


I’ve used my PT in the shower since getting it in July. Also swam with it few times. No issues. I don’t press any buttons when watch is submerged. But when out of the water I just flick my wrist and do press the buttons. So far so good.


Actually i was trying to say that i no more take my pebble classic to pool or sea. Shower or hand wash is ok.


While I know it is hardly representative of swimming in a pool, I did the glass of water test with my PTS. Although I would like to keep my pebble on while doing water sports, I also wanted to make sure that it would survive a full 30 second dunk. It made it through with flying colors (click the link if you want to watch it).

I’ve had no problems with the occasional splash while washing my hands. I’ve hopped in the shower a couple of times and have not encountered any problems from that either.


My PT goes in the shower with me on the odd occasion that I forget to take it off - mostly I take it off, as I wear my watch fairly tight and want to be able to wash that part of my wrist thoroughly.

I've had my PT for about 3-4 weeks and no issues with water-tightness, but am yet to swim or splash around in it.

Seems odd that their marketing says you can swim, shower and relax in the hot tub with it on...


I have the pebble steel since July …been showering,wash hands constantly and went swimming in a river daily for a week with no problems. But won’t touch the buttons until I’m out.


Have been swimming and snorkling with my Pebble Steel before but only shower with Pebble Time and Time Steel. I think should be the same like the original Pebble. So far so good. Only remove my Pebble for charging.


swim a few time with my PT in the past 3 month, still working well :slight_smile: