How many people have trusted their pebble to water


I have trusted my Pebble original in both the sea and swimming pools without issue… until last night. Whilst relaxing in a pool, I looked at my watch and noticed it said it was charging! The watch discharged itself and when I got home, I put it back on charge. The watch booted up and the down button wouldn’t work. After 24 hours the down button now works but the watch shows the charging icon when not on charge and quickly discharges itself. I can only think that it has short circuited in some way.


I’ve only swam in mine once. Worked great BUT the (OEM) screen protector I had on it started to come off, so not tried it since :slight_smile:


I’ve never had it submerged. I’m more concerned about it being in the shower and pushing buttons. Even when I’m done showering and it’s still water on it.


Yes I do Sylar no problems


Hi, my pts just went blank while I was in the water at the beach, and it didn’t even go a meter deep. I hope I can get a warrranty replacement.


My new P2 will be joining me in the shower tomorrow morning.

My PTS is on 24/7 and has had many showers, so I expect the same from my P2.


I’ve logged over 200,000 yards swimming laps with my pebble. This is the original Pebble. Today I was in the pool with a brand-new Pebble time Steel, and the screen went blank after 5 min.


sudden temperature change cracked my screen I think


In the beginning no issues, this is happening after I wear it more than 1 year.
This is what happen to my pebble after I swim for less than 1 hour.


I have had my original Pebble for about two years and have worn it in the rain, the shower and the bath with no issues. However tonight I experienced similar issues. Out of the bath I noticed nothing on screen but what looks like a water droplet under the plastic screen.

It was flash like the backlight was trying to come on and it buzzed for a notification.

I am very sad my beloved Pebble might be sick beyond repair, but am hoping drying out might by some luck fix it.


I never put ANY watch in water. If there’s a problem, especially with a Pebble, you are up a creek.

There are special wearables for swimmers.


I made this thread when the original pebble watch was barely in the hands of the first few recipients of kickstarter.

For those that don’t know. The original pebble ended up being waterproof so long as you did not press the buttons underwater.

The original pebble used a good design along with a lot of glue that made it waterproof and unserviceable due to all the glue.

Lots is already known about pebbles waterproof and resistance now a days and this thread no longer needs any replies.


It’s never a g-shock, but of course some “waterproof” watches don’t actually waterproof when the buttons are pressed when immersed.

I swam with my PT for the last two years, never had a problem.


Since I’ve read of people with absolutely no water problems, and those with water problem first time in the pool, ive been reluctant to get mine wet with anything more than splashes or accidental immersion. Also because a new PTS will be harder and harder to find.

I may experiment with immersion once Too many features stop working due to being “abandonware”.


I’ve always gone swimming with my Pebble devices… My old Pebble Steel, I swam with it all the time, never an issue. My current Pebble Time Steel (wishing I could get a 2 but, anyway), never a problem.

It’s something I don’t even think about any more, just like charging the battery once a week (it goes 5-6 days instead of the 10 days it used to)


I have used mine 9 months, daily shower, and fine… but i’ve been swimming at san andres islands, snorkeling over the corals, and when i get back the water proof totally failed and my peeble had suddenly dead. i’m sad… really do.