How many people have trusted their pebble to water


I’ve showered with my pebble now and then, went on water slides, swimming and hot tubs with no problems. I even jumped from the hot tub to the pool and back with no problem.

How water resistant is the Pebble Time Steel?

I used mine in the pool and in the ocean in Kauai last week. I was there for 8 days and in the water in the pool and ocean everyday. I have had my Pebble for a month now and it goes in the shower (changing tracks) and in the pool with me most days. I have gone to about 15 - 20 feet while snorkeling, with it on with no ill effects. I like wearing it to keep track of time so I knew when to put on more sunblock! I’m pasty white and from Washington state so I need to stay nice coated with that stuff. I don’t shower in super hot water so it should be ok and like another poster I often hang it in the shower.

My findings thus far are that the Pebble lives up to what it is supposed to! I love it and love not having to worry about it getting wet! Previously I wore a MotoActv and loved it but water was always my concern and the fact that it was a terrible watch (not being on all the time).


I usually take my Pebble off for bathing or showering (personal preference), but have been swimming several times with it, have washed it as I washed my hands, and have had it in the rain for several months with no ill effects whatsoever.


I have been in hot tubs, swimming pools, and showers with it. I recently stopped taking showers with it since it was getting hard water deposits around the buttons but that is just because my water has so many minerals in it.

I’ve never had any trouble with my Pebble and water.


No problem in the summer I ahve been swimming twice a week with my Pebble and I regularly shower with it.


I’ve used mine in fresh water plenty of times, with no issues.

I finally used mine in salt water for a while, then I washed it out right after. I noticed the next day the magnets for the charging port have a slight amount of corrosion on them. It doesn’t effect charging at all, or the magnets, but they do look ‘worn’ now.

Amish Solanki said:
I noticed the next day the magnets for the charging port have a slight amount of corrosion on them. It doesn't effect charging at all, or the magnets, but they do look 'worn' now.

Before they become a problem, hit them up with a pink pencil eraser until bright/shiny, then wipe them off with high strength (90%+) isopropyl rubbing alcohol.


I’ve used mine in bubble spa 40+deg C environment and it was fine being dunked under for ages. Though after reading the comments on here I’m inclined to leave it outside next time!


"Pebble is rated at 5ATM, tested for both fresh and saltwater."
A watch with this level of resistance is wearable around household sinks, while playing sports and while swimming in shallow water.
Do not wear it while bathing, snorkeling or scuba diving.


I cringe just washing my hands with my Pebble on.

But I guess there are a lot of people with no problems.



I took mine with me on the holiday to Cebu back in July.
It never left my wrist during 5 day stay and went under water - salt water pool, normal pool, and ocean when we went to snorkling…

and it still kicking along just fine, other than few scratches here and there…


I’m the original poster, I have been using this in the shower, in the pool, in the ocean. Everywhere pretty much.

I do refrain from pressing any buttons till it dries off.


Not long ago I bought a Casio sports watch. The specifications said “100M water resistant.” However, the sales clerk recommended that I not wear it under water for very long. I asked her if the 100M meant length, not depth. She was not amused.



I don’t really use my watch whilst in water but I would think if showering with it may damage it because of hot water then maybe take it off whilst washing dishes too? I use pretty hot water to get them clean. I personally would only keep it on when water is cold eg. Swimming, raining etc.


Lets Watch the Water Proof Test of Pebble Smart Watch…


Just to add to the success stories here. Last week I went to the beach. Swam in the ocean, then in the pool with it and then took it to the shower to rinse off the salt and chlorine. All this for four days straight. No issues whatsoever. Normally I don’t shower with it though.


I haven’t worn mine in the shower. The reason being that after several years of wearing my citizen promaster in the shower it leaked and by the time the moisture was visible behind the glass, the mechanism of the watch was damaged beyond repair. I’m happy to swim with mine but it never goes near hot water.


Mine joins me in the shower after runs. No problems so far. But then, I don’t tend to have particularly hot showers.

JayTurberville said:
Just went swimming with my Pebble today. I noticed that it vibrated a half a dozen times while I was in the pool, but there were no notifications. When I got out, the screen was messed up in an odd way. The watch face I was using has a graphic design that is black on a mostly white background. But now, wherever there was dark design, there seemed to be a dark shadow in the background. I was watching the watch in evening light and later with just the watch's backlight. Same problem with two different lighting situation. There was also a bit of bluish colorization as with an oil film. I've looked at the images that others were describing as "mura" and I looked at my watch using this laptop's screen for a light."

I forgot that I had made this post. Here's what I determined later. The watch was waterproof. The effect I saw had nothing to do with the water and everything to do with light polarization and how it affects the Pebble display. I just hadn't been outside much with the watch.


One more here who showers with it daily. And I take HOT showers. No problems for 4 months now.