How many people have trusted their pebble to water


I have been swimming once a week for 45 minutes for a couple of months and no issues whatsoever.


It would be good if people could specify if they are using the original and the new steel pebble in regards to the water proofing.
I have purchased the steel which is currently shipping to me so it would be great to know how the steel is going in the water.


I’ve had the original Pebble since Christmas, and I’ve been in the water many times, and it’s held up. Recently I got a job as a lifeguard and am constantly jumping in and out of water, and swimming aggressively at depths as low as 8 feet, and it still is the same watch I got 6 months ago. Still loving it.


I trust my pebbles to water, its how I apply my skins to avoid any dust contamination during the application process :slight_smile:


They are all good for up to 5 atmospheres (or ~165feet). (atm is pressure before anyone jumps in, the 33feet per atm is at sea level, so unless youre doing some funky scuba diving in weird bodies of water miles from sea level, its 165feet). ie…your pool is 100% fine.


I tested my brand new pebble original in swimming pool yesterday. And it’s shock and stop working. The display turned off and could not turned on anymore. Battery became very hot and stop working. I already sent email to pebble yesterday and waiting for respond. Does anyone has the same problem as mine? I just got pebble for less than 24 hrs. Oh my ;(!


Have used mine for about a year now. Shower, in the pool, in Maui snorkeling, No problems at all I loose the BT but that’s to be expected. It reconnects when it’s back in range or out of the water. I have a black Kickstarter edition. I love this watch!


I swim twice a week, and shower with it daily. Even used the buttons while submerged. Still works just fine. This was for my original Pebble of about 5 months old. I am now repeating the same on my Steel. Let’s see if it stands the test :wink:


Based on these posts I’ve had bad luck with Pebbles in water. I got a kickstarter Pebble March 2013. I wore it swimming in chlorinated pools many times but the first time I swam in salt water the up and down buttons stopped working. It was replaced under warranty in October. I’ve been more careful with the replacement. I don’t swim with it but do wear it when getting splashed (paddling, wind surfing, washing dishes) and this has been enough to make it sometimes stop updating the screen and leaving horizontal artifacts. Usually flipping between watch faces corrects this, though it is annoying that I can’t count on the time being correct without pressing a button. Since the warranty has expired I’ve just accepted this until I feel motivated to buy a new watch.


Mine lasted 3 weeks…

Daily shower: fine
Shallow Swimming: fine
Jet Ski: fine
Hot Tub: fine
Diving to the bottom of an 8ft deep pool to pick up objects: Died that day The buttons stopped followed by blank screen a few days later. 5 ATM = 165 feet NO WAY.

My replacement will be treated as “splashes only”.


A lot of pressure is generated through the displacement of water when you dive into a pool, far more than 5ATM. I would guess that the position of your Pebble as you hit the water played a part in this. If you ever wiped out water skiing at about 50 MPH, you would realize how resistant water can be to movement.


I purchased my Pebble about four months ago. One primary reason, it claims to be waterproof and I swim laps in a pool 2x per week. I have not had an issue until recently. I do not know what caused my watch to “brick”. One day I was running with my watch, one day after swimming and my watch just disconnected from my phone. This started to happen more often and the solution was to restart my watch each time. The last time it happened the watch locked up and would not restart. I went onto the forum and tried many described solutions, to no avail. I then took my watch to Best Buy, Geek Squad. They told me my watch had “bricked”. They replaced my watch. I do not know if it is the swimming that made my watch prematurely fail. This time I purchased the Best Buy protection plan. I will try again, I hope was just a bad watch and not the swimming that caused my watch to Brick. My watch has not ever fogged up. I swim with it and shower with it. I swim with it using the timer function, because of the large display.

I was planning on purchasing a Garmin but I thought the Pebble was more practical with all of its apps. “To me waterproof = can be submerged”. "Water resistant = can get wet but not submerged."
Many swimmers like tracking their swim and waterproof watches help.

It is also nice to not need to remove it or remember to do so. In the past I used a Fitbit on occasions I failed to remove it before going for a swim. After 2 Fitbits I have opted for no more Fitbits. They claim to be water resistant and not submersible.


Mine passed the “Run, shower and dishwashing” test (not all at the same time, LOL), still working as it soon (except for some connectitivty issue after firmware update, but that’s another story)


@orlando01 If your watch died 4 months after purchase you should have made a warranty claim and gotten it replaced. There was no need to purchase another watch.


3 months after buying my pebble, i washed my hands for the first time and my watch screen started flickering. I suspect that it is water damage. All this time i had made sure to keep water away. Im pretty disappointed, i have returned it to the retailer. Lets see what they have to say!


Both my original black Pebble and Matt Black Pebble Steel have been dunked without any problem at all.


I currently have the leather band on my pebble steel, so I have been careful not to submerge mine at least until I replace the band.


is the Steel has better water-proofing than the Original? not sure it is true


I have a Pebble from the first Kickstarter batch and a Pebble Steel from the day it was released.

Both Pebbles have seen three oceans, lakes, rivers, cenotes, ponds and countless swimming pools. I wash my hands, my car, my dog and my cat with it. Get the hint? It’s waterproof, use it as it’s meant to be used.

3 months after buying my pebble, i washed my hands for the first time and my watch screen started flickering. I suspect that it is water damage. All this time i had made sure to keep water away. Im pretty disappointed, i have returned it to the retailer. Lets see what they have to say!

The retailer called me today, they have a brand new sealed pebble waiting for me to collect. It is unknown as to what caused the issue. Im very happy with this.