How many people have trusted their pebble to water


FWIW, I’ve been swimming with it twice, no problems. Haven’t showered with it though.


I’ve just bought one and mine seems to be splashproof at least. I rinsed it under water after getting some muck on it and it’s still working. I’ll be swimming 1km outside this weekend in a lake nearby where I live and am planning to ware it. Seems to me like some of the watches doesn’t work as they should under water but the wast majority does.


I took my Pebble for a swing, 700 meters, outdoors in a lake two days ago and it’s up and running as usual!

Edit, I also had my phone with me but the BT didn’t work that good in water :frowning:


I use my Pebble at shower everyday, I swimmed in the swimming pool and at beach, and it works like a charm.

Don’t be afraid and use your pebble in the water. It’s been made for it!


I got mine yesterday. Went swimming in SF Bay this morning. Showered, Sauna, Showered again… all good. :slight_smile:

ps; it’s a pebble steel.


Covered in mud. Paint splashes from work and then washed off under a tap. No problems and seems happy in water. I wouldn’t risk pressing any buttons whilst submerged though.


Had to fix my sump pump and without a thought stuck my arm in murky water with my Pebble on. No problems whatsoever. Still works great! I’ve even swam in a pool with it on without issue. It does disconnect when completely submerged, but reconnects immediately.


I swim, shower and wash hands with my Pebble Steel, once I even accidentally jumped in the pool, everything is ok.


Pushing buttons is no issue due to the design. See Pebble X-ray.


Gone out on the jet ski twice with it and got half way through my knee board run when I realized that I still had it on. No issues…


I swam 1km outdoors yesterday. No issues. I’d say this is completly waterproof as Pebble promise.


I have showered, washed dishes, been in the rain and snow, and swam in a pool many times with my original pebble. It had always worked flawlessly. Last week, I went to the ocean with it for the first time. Just playing in the surf, no deep diving or jet ski accidents. After I got out of the salt water, I noticed that the screen looked garbled. Pushing buttons seemed to change it but it was consistently unreadable. As soon as I was able, I put it in a bag of uncooked rice to dry it out. The next day, it was working again. :slight_smile: I decided I would NOT take it back in salt water. But I did take it in a pool that day. I checked it right away and it seemed fine. Then, after a few minutes of just floating around, the screen was blank. I put it in the rice again and charged it. So far, it has shown no signs of life. :frowning: I will try a few more times to revive it, but I really miss it!!

And why swim with it? Because it IS a watch. Not just a link to my phone. It has the time and alarms and stuff even without a phone connection. It’s something I would rather not leave at poolside. It’s a very handy little device that I have warn almost constantly, regardless of activity, since I got it. Would I swim with my phone? No, not even with a life-proof case. I’m not going to make calls underwater. But I certainly would like to know how long I’ve been out in the sun and such.

After being on the charger for some time, it seemed to be charging. However the screen had odd lines on it and was basically unreadable. After a while, the screen turned off and I couldn’t get it to power back up. I guess I’ll be contacting support.


I apply my skins under water in a big bowl. It makes for easy adjustments and prevents any dust from getting under the skin during application.


Did the dishes last night and today the screen on my pebble steel slowly faded away now I can’t see the screen at all.


I swam with my Pebble on a swimming pool last month, and so far the
watch is still working fine with no signs of wear or chemical reactions
on it.

It’s pretty awesome actually, (or maybe it was just because that’s my first time to wear a watch while swimming)


I have been swimming with my replaced Pebble watch. Still no issues. The one that bricked was replaced under warranty. Pebble said that this should not have happened and encouraged me to swim with my new watch.


Just uploaded app to my pebble. Let’s see how it handles swimming


I have been in shower, beach, jacuzzi, sauna,… With the Pebble and no problem.

I avoid pressing buttons in this conditions, but anyway I have passed them, and no problems.


After much research and debate, I decided to track my swimming with my Pebble in an indoor pool. Bad Idea. My Pebble leaked and died before two laps. Support was awesome though, and I will get my replacement very soon.

Bottom line, I wouldn’t recommend swimming with pebble. I didn’t have problems showering with it, though.


Went swimming with mine a couple times so far with the app and so far it’s still working (steel)
A bit nervous with pushing buttons while in the water but so far so good knock on wood