How Pebble 2HR Show iPhone iMessage or Facebook Messenger Notification?


Hello everyone. I’m the newbie of Pebble user. My Pebble is P2hr, version 4.3.
I use iphone with iOS 10.3, I saw the Pebble Application at notification session didn’t have iPhone Message Application or FB Messenger. How to add these applications?

Thank you very much


More apps will appear when their notifications are received. Or you can press “View All Apps” to see the full list on your phone.


Thank you for reply but I didn’t see button “View All Apps”

My notification screen


Ah – it looks different in the iOS Pebble app (I use Android). The documentation says that new apps will show up in the list when they first send a notification. I don’t have any better advice for you, sorry.


You just have to wait


just press view all apps to see the notifications!
its that simple . :smile: