I think I found the replacement. RIP Pebble


In case you missed it, Fitbit just purchased Vector… http://vectorwatch.com/fitbit

And now there is news that makes it look like Fitbit may be on death’s door: https://www.thestreet.com/story/13959847/1/string-of-down-research-notes-declare-fitbit-stock-unfit.html


For coding enthusiasts here: I know it has been mentioned in this thread already, but a lot of interesting hacking/modding is going on with the Amazfit Pace.

I’ve got one a couple of weeks ago and it’s definitely a nice piece of gear: big always-on display, reasonable battery life (4/5 days + nights), accurate pedometer (much better than pebble’s), integrated low-power GPS.

It lacks a calendar, no custom faces (unless huami releases some sdk), no official custom app support (but has android under the hood and some successful experiments have been done already with non invasive modding).

It’s definitely worth its 110€ IMHO


I bought Samsung Gear S3 Classic 3 weeks ago instead of the initially planned Time2.
It shows solid 3.5-4 days of work for the similar usage pattern with my former Pebble Steel which were standing for 7-8 days, but without voice reminders, etc.

I’m satisfied so far :slight_smile:


Full disclosure: I’m building a smartwatch! We do not see ourselves as a replacement for Pebble (they are not replaceable IMHO)…but in the past days many Pebble users have contacted us around our Kickstarter campaign (https://goo.gl/SJ3Pmg). So thought I would post and see what people think. Feedback welcome! Feargal


My second PT failed a few days ago (screen tearing), luckily Amazon will credit it to me. I decided to go for the Zenwatch2 as this will get
the update to AW 2.0 later in April this year.
I don’t want to be too optimistic, but as I turn off
my smartwatches (still own the Pebble Steel Classic) at night, it looks like I can get out 3 days
of the Zenwatch2. Not comparable to Pebble, sure,
but I really like the Zenwatch2, as the voice recognition is awesome, where most of the time the
PTS could not understand me. And I do not have to
press a button three times to confirm my request, with Tasker and Autowear it is just a shake on the
wrist to tell what I want and the lights etc. turn on/off in my house. So far, really happy with it…